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Things You Need to Know About Working Abroad

— June 14, 2019

Travel is a great adventure, but there is a difference between vacationing and working abroad. Proper preparation is key for both, but there are differences in the type of preparation.

I had many chances to travel abroad while growing up, especially during high school and university. Many others who were as lucky as me know how interesting it is to experience a new culture, and to meet new, different kinds of people. Similarly, they understand my enthusiasm when the idea of a prospective trip is brought up. However, if you’re not sightseeing or on holiday, but rather plan on working abroad, you might feel worried about how things are going to play out. As it is with many other ventures, it is a good idea to make a checklist and cover everything, top to bottom.

Research the Details

Since you are likely to stay longer, especially if your career blossoms under the right choices, a bit of planning is unavoidable. Do a bit of research on living expenses in the country of your choosing, for example. Beforehand, you need to know how big your salary is going to be, secondly read about taxes; whether you need to pay them, and how much. Research the culture, find out if you will have trouble getting accustomed to any of the people’s traditions. And as much as some of us dislike politics, we need to get acquainted with the situation and how welcoming they are towards visitors. 

Deciding on a Destination

World map with pins; image by Capturing the Human Heart, via
World map with pins; image by Capturing the Human Heart, via

Some people choose by heart, as they dislike going through all of the details. Others ask around before making the final decision; Spain, South Korea and Australia are some of the more popular picks you hear about nowadays. It all depends on what you want to do, and what surroundings suit you the most, especially concerning the weather. Some places are ideal if you’re chasing summer, while others may suit you more if you prefer cooler weather with snow every now and again. Also, not everyone might be as open minded as you would think. People in South Korea may be a bit more shy than what you’re used to, while Australians are welcoming, as it is one of the most ethnically diverse places on Earth. Work etiquette is also important, and you should know what is going to be expected of you on arrival, especially once you start working.

Have You Already Chosen a Job?

Your goal may change along the way, as you do research and put your trip together. There is always work to be done and a position to be filled, but it all depends on what you can offer. Keep in mind that any occupation you have in your home country you can probably find abroad. Teaching, as one of the more popular work fields, is always an option. Wherever you go, there are hundreds of schools where people, both young and old, are learning a language that interests them. If office work doesn’t suit you, have you thought of working outdoors? Tourism is more tailored to individuals who like to travel, and along the way you meet new people and make new friends. 

Know Who to Ask For Help

Traveling is often a huge leap for people. Often our daily routines change, and so does our outlook on life, and that’s why you shouldn’t shy away from help. Instead, you should reach out and ask for advice wherever and whenever you can. There are courses for writing a professional CV that will bump you up on the list of candidates, as competition is often fierce. If you’ve reached out to an organization that connects people and employers, ask about as many details as possible. Depending on a program, you will stay abroad for a few months, a year, and in some cases even longer. In some positions, you will be payed weekly, in others you will have a proper monthly salary. It is crucial to figure out if they can really help you find a suitable environment. 

Once you’re properly informed, you should check legal requirements and whether you have proper documentation. Working abroad most often means that you will need a visa; a document that allows you to work in a certain country for a certain amount of time. Attaining a visa usually isn’t complicated, although you should be careful to properly handle all of the documentation. After handing in properly filled forms to a nation’s consulate, you will be mailed a visa that is to be attached to your passport. The process itself can take from a week up to a few months time, and this is one of the main reasons why people reach out to certain agencies or lawyers, apart from looking for someone they can trust. If you’re following the trend and decide to visit Australia because you find it suits you the most, asking immigration solicitors in Sydney would be a good idea to start the process. The ordeal of getting a visa will be shortened from taking two months, down to a few days time, perhaps even less.

Prepare for Everything

Travel insurance is crucial wherever you go. While unlikely, we should accept that medical emergencies can happen, and flights can get cancelled. Coming up with a backup plan isn’t something everyone does, but it’s useful to have one even if you don’t end up relying on it. We often can’t predict whether or not something will go awry, but it’s best to prepare in advance. Know how many days off you can take if an accident happens at home and you need to return to your family, for example. Also keep track of your savings if stormy days come, as it may be possible that you end up without work for a certain period of time. 

To conclude, many of us appreciate different aspects of travel. Some may follow their instinct, and others will double-check their plan and think critically of their choices. However, moving abroad in order to find business and start a career is more serious that simple sightseeing. We should do our best to prepare, and asking someone more experienced is the best way to do so. This is a big change you’re making, and you can feel free to embrace it as it is a leap for the better. 

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