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This is How a Lawyer in Mesa Will Investigate Truck Accident Liability

— July 27, 2022

There will also be an attempt to look into the background of the individual driver.

Mesa, AZ – One of the most important differences between standard car crashes and truck accidents is to find out exactly who is responsible. It is possible that an individual trucker or commercial driver may be responsible for the damage that they caused, but there are also several other parties involved in things like the truck’s maintenance, cargo loading, and the driver is employed by a business who may be liable. As a general rule, these parties can all be sued, and many of them will have insurance coverage that is particular to their type of business and the potential for liability for accidents.

While this article summarizes some issues related to truck accident cases, licensed attorneys should always be consulted for specific legal advice before taking action.  

Knowing the driver’s employer 

Mesa accident lawyers will need to find out who the diver was working for, because they are responsible in many cases. If a driver was actively working at the time, the company is responsible for the actions of its employees, and this is true in many other areas of the law as well. All trucking companies are required to have a special kind of insurance for their fleet of vehicles as well, due to the fact that commercial vehicle accidents tend to cause much more damage than those involving standard sized cars. 

Looking for Independent drivers

There will also be an attempt to look into the background of the individual driver. Some truckers and commercial drivers take out their own insurance and work for whoever needs their services. If this is the case, Mesa truck accident lawyers can file the lawsuit against this person and they will have to pay for the damage through a settlement from their insurance company. 

Finding issues with vehicle maintenance and parts

Trucks in mechanics bays for service; image by Carlos Daniel, via
Trucks in mechanics bays for service; image by Carlos Daniel, via

Sometimes, a business that is responsible for the vehicle itself, including the design or maintenance of its parts can be liable. This can implicate issues related to products liability against the truck manufacturer. It is also possible that the victim’s lawyer will want to see the vehicle’s maintenance records and find out who was responsible for those tasks. If there is a products liability case for a truck that was improperly designed or there were manufacturing errors, the company responsible will be strictly liable for the vehicles they created. In cases of maintenance issues, a company that is not associated with the driver or their employer can possibly be implicated for negligence and sued. 

Legal advice after a commercial vehicle collision in Arizona is a service that works to get people in touch with lawyers in their city. Those who are currently searching for attorneys can call 800-672-3103 for assistance. 

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