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This is How Trucks Flip Over During Accidents in Washington D.C.

— March 31, 2022

Part of the difficulty in a trucker’s job is having to stay focused on the road for long periods of time.

Washington, D.C. – A common problem that truckers face is the possibility of their trailer flipping on its side or falling onto the road surface. This is especially dangerous on large roads or highways where several other vehicles may be affected. There are a number of problems that can potentially cause these kinds of crashes, however drivers who are following all relevant regulations and stay within vehicle weight limits are much less likely to be involved in a rollover crash. 

Washington D.C. truck accident lawyers should be contacted by those who have been injured in such an accident. They may be able to negotiate a settlement for compensation related to the collision. 

Cargo issues

If the cargo on the truck is too heavy or improperly balanced, the driver may have severe difficulties controlling the vehicle when stopping or turning. These kinds of problems with the cargo can cause the driver to lose control of the trailer, and it is possible that the trailer can flip on its side or rollover. District of Columbia truck accident lawyers can attempt to find out if the cargo was negligently loaded onto the vehicle during their investigation. 

Turning issues

Large semi trucks are generally not meant to make sudden or sharp turns. A turn that is taken too tightly or misjudged by even a small amount by the driver can possibly result in an accident or rollover. Drivers of commercial vehicles receive special training regarding how to turn a large vehicle properly to get their CDL, although in practice it can still be difficult to execute turns properly all of the time.

Driver errors

Image by Kelly Sikkema, via
Truck driver; image by Kelly Sikkema, via

Part of the difficulty in a trucker’s job is having to stay focused on the road for long periods of time. There are distractions that can come from the driver’s phone, radio, and other forms of technology in the vehicle. If the driver makes any kind of mistake related to controlling the vehicle due to a distraction, it is possible that the vehicle will behave in unpredictable ways or collide with an obstacle. 

Impact from accidents

Once a truck is hit by another vehicle, it can be impossible to predict how the force will affect the vehicle and its trailer. The motion of another vehicle driving into the trailer can push it onto its side, or if the truck makes a mistake and hits another object, this impact can cause the cab or trailer to flip over depending on the situation. 

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