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This Week in Rideshare: Postmates, EVs and Incentives

— May 21, 2021

Drivers get blocked, California demands electric and Uber needs drivers. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

Uber needs drivers, but maybe not every driver; who’s picking up the tab for California’s EV conversion; and Grab shows you can catch more support with friendship than competition. It’s all here in This Week in Rideshare!

MONDAY 5/17/21

TUESDAY 5/18/21

The Biden Administration’s partnership with Uber got some unintended scrutiny. ABC News explains:

Little Known Federal Program Handles Vaccine Injury Payouts
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While Uber is the rideshare giant Americans love to hate and hate to love, two Asian startups took on an entirely different approach. Fast Company explains:

THURSDAY 5/20/21

FRIDAY 5/21/21

LegalReader thanks our friends at LegalRideshare for permission to share this piece. The original is found here.

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