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This Week in Rideshare: Self-driving, Masked selfies, and Car Rentals

— September 4, 2020

Self-driving makes a return, masks are a must, and Uber goes rental. LegalRideshare breaks it down.

LegalReader is proud to introduce a new collaboration with our friends at LegalRideshare. They publish “This Week in Rideshare” every Friday and have graciously agreed to let us re-post it. Without further ado, it’s “This Week in Rideshare.”

MONDAY 8/31/20

In an effort to please the public, Uber vows to be more transparent on self-driving data. Insurance Journal reported:

TUESDAY 9/1/20

Uber passengers looking to jump in their ride without a mask will be in for a rude awakening. CNN reported:


As Uber and Lyft struggle to change their status, competitors are waiting in the wings. CNN reported:


Instacart adds a new favorite to the platform: 711. PYMNTS explains:

FRIDAY 9/4/20

Uber upped its game by adding car rentals to the app. The Verge explains:

LegalRideshare logo; courtesy of author.
LegalRideshare logo; courtesy of author.

Thank you again to our friends at LegalRideshare! The original post is here.

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