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Three Major Misconceptions That People Have about Weed 

— April 20, 2021

In order to overdose, you need to be consuming over 1,000 pounds of marijuana. Continuously for 15 minutes.

Weed is now more popular than ever. The weed industry is rapidly growing as people can enjoy weed freely. Many countries and states are now joining in the drive to legalize weed. While weed is enjoying a shift in its image, it had been vilified for decades. This has resulted in people having some really bad misconceptions about weed.

In order to work on breaking these myths, we have selected 3 of the most common misconceptions that people have about weed. Read on below to find out the real truth about weed.

Weed Can Kill You 

This is probably one of the most common myths about weed out there. We at have heard this frequently. While you can technically overdose on almost any substance, what matters is the dosage required for overdosing.

For marijuana overdose, you need to be consuming over 1,000 pounds of marijuana. Continuously for 15 minutes. Yes, maybe you can see why it is impossible to overdose on marijuana. You’re more likely to die from drinking too much water than you are from using too much weed.

Woman lighting marijuana in pipe; image by Sharon McCutcheon via
Woman lighting marijuana in pipe; image by Sharon McCutcheon via

So no, weed can’t realistically kill you.

Weed Addiction 

Many people claim that weed is extremely addictive. So much so that it is a gateway drug. That’s as far from the truth as possible. While many weed activists mistakenly say that weed is not addictive at all, that’s not correct either. Some even try to say that weed is only psychologically addictive, meaning that there are no adverse bodily effects due to the addiction.

The truth is that weed can be addictive. According to research, 9% of cannabis users suffer from addiction to the substance. But, when you compare that number to other substances, do you see the real picture? The addiction rate of alcohol is 15%, cocaine is 17%, and heroin is 23%.

The chances of getting addicted to weed are very small when compared to any other substance. So no, weed is not a gateway drug, and it is not extremely addictive. 

Weed Kills Brain Cells 

When consuming weed, there will be an effect on mood and bodily functions. People use this to justify their claims that weed kills off neurons. It is true that when you are taking weed, that it will affect your body. This can result in a shorter attention span, uncoordinated movement, and a feeling of lethargy or relaxation.

What is completely false is the claim that these effects are somehow permanent or that weed is affecting your brain cells. The cannabinoids in weed affect the body by interacting with various neural pathways, yes, but they don’t have any permanent effect.

It is alcohol that can permanently damage your neurons. Heavy alcohol consumption can damage the endings of your neurons which makes them less efficient in relaying messages from one part of the body to the next.

Final Conclusion 

Many myths are floating about weed and its effects. Here we have broken down the 3 most common ones. Let us know if you have heard any more common ones for us to break down next.

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