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Golfer Tiger Woods Arrested on Memorial Day for Drunk Driving

— May 29, 2017

Golfer Tiger Woods was arrested early Monday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Around 3 o’clock on Memorial Day, the athlete was arrested and booked into a local Jupiter, FL, jail.

Woods was released after several hours on his own recognizance and without having to post any bond.

According to CNN, there are no indications as to whether or not the golfer tested positive for drugs or alcohol. The reports currently available don’t mention if he was alone in the vehicle or with company.

Despite his most recent legal encounter, as well as a personal scandal which tarnished his reputation, Woods has remained committed to the game of golf.

Since 2014, he’s undergone four operations, including a fusion surgery on his back a month ago. Woods was undergoing physical rehab for a similar procedure he received in the days preceding his arrest.

In a blog post published Wednesday, Woods said the effect of his most recent hospital visit was “instant nerve relief.”

“Right now, my sole focus is rehab and doing what the doctors tell me,” he said in the same blog post. “I am concentrating on short-term goals.”

Woods plans to return to professional golf as soon as possible, and in spite of the back problems which have hounded him for the past several years. He said the prognosis offered by doctors and surgeons was largely positive.

Tiger Woods; image by Keith Allison, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Common, no changes.
Tiger Woods; image by Keith Allison, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Common, no changes.

“I want to thank my doctors for their great work and support throughout this process,” Woods wrote. “I also want to thank for the fans for your phenomenal support. It means more than you know. There’s a long way to go, but as I said, words cannot convey how good it feels to be pain-free.”

The last major championship Woods won was nearly ten years ago, in 2008.

His professional golf career took a dive for the worse following another car-related incident in 2009, after he was injured in a car accident in Florida.

The golfer was taken to the hospital, where personal accounts and inconsistencies in Woods’ story culminated in media accusations of infidelity.

Multiple women wound up coming forward to say that Woods had slept with them, leading to the golfer’s divorce and the loss of a number of profitable sponsorships and advertising deals. He took a lengthy break from sport before his divorce was finalized in 2010.

More information is expected to be released in the coming days.

The Professional Golfers’ Association of America declined to comment on Woods’ arrest, aside from stating it wouldn’t take any action against him.


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