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Tips for Finding Good California Truck Accident Lawyers

— January 18, 2022

Your lawyer will want to have a look at the driver’s log to make sure they were not overworked. If it turns out they were, you have a good case to sue the trucking company.

California holds a totally unenviable second place on the list of American states with the most truck accident fatalities, with an average of 113 fatal crashes per year, second only to Texas. Thousands of people are injured in such accidents and in many cases those are serious or even life-changing injuries. The kind of injuries it takes a lot of time to recover from, and a lot of money.

How do you get the money you so badly need? Certainly not by settling with the insurance company. If you were recently injured in such an accident, you should contact the best California truck accident lawyers right away. The Los Angeles area accounts for the greater part of the truck accidents in California, but you might as well be looking for an Auburn truck accident lawyer. The important thing is that you schedule a free interview with a good lawyer before talking to the insurance company. If you were involved in a serious accident, chances are you’ll get more money by getting a lawyer then you would if you went in alone to talk to the insurance adjuster. 

Why do you need a lawyer if you’re the victim of the accident? Precisely because you were the victim of a terrible crash and you don’t want to be the victim of an insurance scam as well.

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If you’re thinking about settling with the trucking company’s insurance, think again. They represent the party at fault so they don’t have your best interests at heart. They’ll do everything in their power to settle the matter quickly with as little money as possible. You can bet they won’t be looking into the accident seriously to discover its real cause.

In many cases, the truck driver is to blame for an accident. Distracted driving or reckless driving are among the most common causes of truck accidents. However, many accidents are caused by driver fatigue and they might not be to blame for that. It’s common knowledge, at least among experienced lawyers, that trucking companies often disregard federal regulations and make their employees work more hours than they should. If a truck driver is told to hurry to deliver a cargo hundreds of miles away, they won’t dare complain there’s too little time and they won’t have time to rest. Their boss won’t care. A driver who’s been on the road for many hours is more likely to lose control of the vehicle because their reflexes are impaired by sheer exhaustion. 

Your lawyer will want to have a look at the driver’s log to make sure they were not overworked. If it turns out they were, you have a good case to sue the trucking company and get more damages than you would receive if you sued the poor driver.

At the same time, experienced accident lawyers often request a technical examination of the truck to determine whether there was some type of mechanical failure involved. If so, the trucking company or the maintenance service they use should be held accountable. If there was negligence involved, you can obtain more damages than if the accident was blamed on the weather or road conditions. 

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