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Tips New College Students Need to Know

— September 8, 2021

While college is harder and has higher stakes than high school, these tips show you just how simple it can be to succeed.

An education is important throughout life, and higher education is becoming increasingly necessary. In the modern workforce, a college degree is comparable to the high school diploma of recent decades, and that means that higher education is becoming less and less optional. However, rushing into college with a “get it over with” attitude might be a mistake. To get through college and beyond in one piece, you’ll need to make the right moves and plan accordingly.


College is expensive. Because the costs of higher education are so high, the average person can’t afford to attend college without financial aid. Luckily, that financial aid is widely available, allowing lower income individuals to attend college for little to no cost. However, this accrues debt that can derail your plans if you’re not careful. When getting student loans, you’ll need to take certain factors into account. For example, you can accept an amount from a range of amounts of financial aid each semester, and choosing the right amount should be based on minimizing debt. Simply put, don’t take more than you need.

To determine your needs, you’ll have to spend some time doing some research. Keep records of your spending and income for a month or two to get an idea of your habits. Then, you can develop a better budget that can help you reign in your spending and, ideally, contribute some money to savings to make paying off that debt easier in the long run.

Employment Prospects

Another important way to make sure that you can pay off your student loans is holding down gainful employment, and getting a good, high paying job is the reason for the season in regard to higher education. Getting a college degree is essential for reaching those higher paying jobs, because those positions require uncommon levels of knowledge and skill. However, having a degree in hand doesn’t guarantee you the job you deserve.

Keep in mind that you’re far from the only job applicant at whatever company, and other applicants can have the same qualifications as yours, if not higher. Finding your dream job may be a matter of patience and willpower, and it helps to know that going in. Working your way up the corporate ladder is also to be expected. A degree coupled with ample experience is harder to argue with, after all.

Another important thing to note is that any degree is better than no degree. What this means is that having trouble finding work in your chosen profession or field doesn’t mean that your degree is worthless. Generally speaking, employers look favorable on college graduates, even if they majored in a different area of study than the position they’re applying for.


Female Students Studying
Female Students Studying; image courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay,

One of the greater challenges of attending college is the higher workload when compared to primary education, and the stakes are higher in university, as well. Getting your degree and a good GPA are far from guaranteed, and many overwhelmed students are guilty of mismanaging their time. For example, procrastinating until the last minute only to cram for an exam might be successful in the moment, but it practically guarantees that you’re not going to properly internalize all of that information, putting you behind the eight ball moving forward. Staying on top of your coursework is essential for keeping your grades up without working against yourself. On a similar note, it’s also important to attend your classes. While it’s all too easy to feel like you understand the material, many college professors institute attendance policies, and going to lectures is important for making sure that your understanding of the material and your assignments is up to date.

Graduating high school is a momentous occasion, but it’s only the beginning. College can be intimidating in the way that it seems so much harder than previous stages of academia. While college is harder and has higher stakes than high school, these tips show you just how simple it can be to succeed.

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