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Top 10 Dog Breeds Ideal for House Protection

— June 12, 2019

Protecting home and family is a priority. In addition to the usual alarms, bringing a guard dog into the family is a good step. There are several dog breeds that are perfect for the job.

Do you intend to find a canine to guard your family and property? What qualities should a canine possess to become a perfect guard and a loyal friend for the family? What dog breeds are considered to be the best protectors? If you are trying to find the answer to these questions, we offer you to read this article before choosing a canine.

Dogs are biologically programmed to act as guards. A perfect guard dog is large, fearless, strong but at the same time loyal to the family. It mustn’t be aggressive but it must be watchful and react to strangers. It must be obedient and receptive to training. Actually, all dog breeds can be good protectors, but there are definite dog breeds for home recognized as excellent protectors. 

Top 10 Dog Breeds Ideal for House Protection

The Akita 

It is valued for its allegiance and is considered to be one of the best dog breeds for protection. This dog breed shows an alertness toward strangers and it will watch your family members assiduously. The breed doesn’t need much training because it naturally programmed to be a perfect guard. Don’t forget about proper dog socialization to avoid canine’s aggression and restraint.

Belgian Malinois

This is a very active dog breed. It’s being widely used for the police and army service. Belgian Malinois is among the dog breeds needing constant exercise and it must be involved in serious work all the time. Appropriate socialization is also essential for such an active canine.


What are the biggest dog breeds? — you may wonder. Pay attention to the Bullmastiff. This canine was bred by huntsmen to protect their area from infringers. The large size can scare uninvited guests but this dog breed is very faithful and friendly to the family. Of course, the canine needs training to sharpen its innate urge to safeguard.

The Cane Corso 

This dog comes from Italy and was primarily used as a guard canine, an attacking canine, and a splendid hunter. Its large size, massive body, and booming bark will scare an intruder. The innate urge to protect and obedience must be slightly sharpened by training. Don’t forget to provide your canine with the best large breed dog food.

The German Shepherd

A German Shepherd; image by Adam Kontor, via
A German Shepherd; image by Adam Kontor, via

The German Shepherd is a very active dog. It’s one of the most family-friendly dog breeds and its loyalty is really deep. Training is very indispensable if you intend to get a real protector of the dwelling. The breed possesses an excellent guarding basis which must be slightly refined. Moreover, the canine needs daily exercises to expend its energy and activeness.

The Doberman 

It is considered to be a belligerent dog. But, in fact, this canine is very friendly, docile and sometimes goofy in the family circle. The correct training course will help your Doberman to become a perfect guard dog.

The Komondor

The Komondor’s white mop-like coat makes it look quite innocent. But it’s not really so. A fearless, strong canine, it will be a great protector of your family and house. Amiable to the owners and suspicious of strangers — is the way to characterize the Komondor. Training and socialization are important to teach canine how to act in different circumstances.

The Rottweiler 

This dog is also considered to be an aggressive canine breed. But if the Rottweiler trusts you, it will protect your fearlessly and will be faithful and affectionate to you. This breed is somewhat stubborn but it will become a real protector if it’s trained properly. The socialization is also very important for this dog breed.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback 

It is amiable to the family and a good guard canine. Docility and specialized guard training are important if you want the dog to obey you when it’s required. Don’t forget about daily exercises.

The Tibetan Mastiff 

The Tibetan Mastiff is a large, robust and vigilant dog. This breed is friendly with the family but suspicious of strangers. It’s not the most affectionate dog breed but it’s a splendid protector. Don’t forget to train and socialize your Tibetan Mastiff properly.

What are the best home protection dog breeds in your opinion? What dog do you have and how does it cope with home protection functions? Give your opinion on the issue!

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