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Top 7 Things to Do If You are Arrested/Charged in 2020

— August 18, 2020

Whether minor or aggravated assault cases, it is essential to remain calm and ensure that you enlist professional legal services.

Assault cases could land you in jail or see you parting with a significant portion of your hard-earned cash. It is, therefore, recommendable to follow certain steps to avoid worsening the situation. While it might initially seem straightforward, the stress and confusion of the arrest or charges could take a toll on your emotions, forcing you to make some mistakes that could significantly affect your case. Calling your assault lawyer should be on top of your next steps as you strive to protect your rights. If you are arrested or charged in 2020, here are the top things you need to do to ensure that your rights are protected and that the outcomes are favorable.

Understand the situation

Why have you been arrested or charged? Amidst the confusion, you might not be sure why you are under arrest, but as per your constitutional rights, the arresting officers should make it clear why you are in such a situation. Understanding the charges makes it easier to explain the situation to your lawyer while seeking legal advice.

Exercise your right to a phone call

Making that phone call to your assault lawyer could be the difference between a favorable outcome and a devastating consequence that could alter your life. During the phone call, explain your situation, and keenly follow the lawyer’s advice.

Don’t try to cut corners

Unlike what you might think, the police are not prosecutors. As such, trying to cut a deal with them could come back to haunt you, especially if it is stated that you tried to bribe them to let you free. Offering financial rewards or trying to talk yourself out of trouble might land you in more trouble than the situation demands.

Exercise your lawyer privilege

Man signing paperwork; image via
Man signing paperwork; image via

Once you state that you will only talk with your lawyer present, the police have no right to press you. It would be prudent to avoid talking to the police, especially answering their questions as they try to pressure you to self-incriminate. Remember, if you waive your right to a lawyer, the police can pressure you and use the information you provide against you.

Don’t struggle with the arresting officer

Resisting an arrest, even when you are innocent, only makes the situation worse. Struggling with the officers could see you picking up an extra charge, a concern that can be avoided and cleared within no time with a lawyer on your side.

Don’t consent to a search

Unless the police show up with a warrant, don’t consent a search of your property, phone, or any area. If they forcefully search and gather evidence, it will be easier for your lawyer to exclude such materials as there was no consent.

Don’t admit

The pressure and stress of an arrest or a charge could force you to the edge, at times, considering admission to see if the situation could get better. This, however, is not the best way to approach the situation. Keep in mind that a statement could be oral, video, or written, and if you admit orally, it still counts and can be used against you. Therefore, it is essential to decline to answer any question or talk to the police without a lawyer.

Whether minor or aggravated assault cases, it is essential to remain calm and ensure that you enlist professional legal services. While navigating the complex legal process, hiring an assault lawyer alleviates the pressure, giving an edge in developing a strong defense to protect your rights. The right lawyer holds your hand through the process, ensuring that you aren’t overwhelmed by the proceedings, especially accounting for the emotional attachment.

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