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Top Anti-Pollution Masks for Outdoor Use

— June 12, 2020

Masks are beneficial for outdoor exercise and other events and activities that put wearers at risk of breathing polluted air.

Given the rising rate of pollution, it becomes increasingly necessary to protect our bodies from the harmful pollutant that float about in the air. With an increase in the air pollution levels, you must pick and choose the best face masks that will effectively filter the air and protect your face, nose, and mouth.

When choosing a face mask, you must keep two things in mind : 

  • How efficiently the cover fits on your mouth.
  • How easily you can breathe through it.

Below, we have listed the five best kinds of anti-pollution masks which you can wear. For your convenience, we have also specified their features and workability.

Editor’s Note: This article contains information on masks for outdoor use for sporting and other activities. It does NOT address masks for COVID-19 protection. We must also remind you that, as of the date of publication, public health organizations are asking that N95 masks be reserved for front-line medical workers.

PM 2.5 Mask with Activated Carbon Filter

  • This anti-pollution mask is considered the best face mask; it keeps your face shielded from dust as well as foreign particles from the air surrounding you. 
  • This mask comes with an activated carbon filter, that is, the dust particles filter through the activated carbon sheet within the cover, before the air you inhale enters your nose and mouth. This enables proper filtration of unwanted pollutants. 
  • The mask comes in several colors and is in use by both men and women. It has a smart and smooth design, enabling the wearers’ comfortable breathing. Since it is of cotton, the mask is washable and reusable.

Transparent Protective Full Face Mask

  • As evident, this mask comes with a transparent shield that protects the full face, not only the mouth and nose. This transparent shield is oil and fog proof; along with protecting the users’ face from dust and fog, it also shields them from the sun’s UV radiation.
  • The face mask is comfortable to wear and is suitable for both the sexes. It is waterproof, insect-proof, and wind-proof. It also has a smart and stylish look.
  • This is one of the best face masks that one can decide on owing to the multivariate nature of protection it offers to the users. Another advantage of this mask is that it can be widened to cover both sides of the face’s cheek area.

N95 Anti Pollution Protection Face Mask

N95 mask; image by Hanabishi, via Wikimedia Commons, CC0.
N95 mask; image by Hanabishi, via Wikimedia Commons, CC0.
  • The N95 mask protects the face from dust, air pollutants, and fog. The cover is designed in such a manner that it has a Multilayer filter within it, through which the air passes before entering the nose or mouth; such a structure makes it a perfect fit for the best face mask. 
  • The first layer of filter acts as a refinement for industrial pollutants, smoke and pollen allergies, etc. The second filters a thick meltdown cloth, and it filters out microbial particulates. The third filter consists of a thickened cotton patch. The fourth and final layer is present to absorb water vapor. The primary function of the fourth layer is to keep the mouth of the wearer dry and fresh.
  • The mask sits well on the face and allows no leakage of air from the sides. It is suitable for both genders and is reusable.

KN95 Face Mask

  • This is one of the best face masks and protects the face from dust, infections, and fog. The KN95 mask is dust-proof and has 95% effective N95 filtration features. 
  • The mask comes with a high-filtration efficiency and keeps out a large volume of dust. It offers adequate protection to the users and also allows for easy and comfortable breathing. 
  • This mask is KN95 CE certified; it is also anti-foaming in nature.

PM 2.5 Face Mouth Mask with Ear Loop

  • This mask is disposable and suitable for one-time use. The reason this might be the best face mask is that it comes with a three-layer filter protection facilitation.
  • It puts together a non-woven layer, after a filter layer which again sits after another soft fiber layer. The advantage of such a design is that it allows complete refinement of the air before it is inhaled.
  • This mask comes with ear loops to be hung from the ears and worn across such that it covers the mouth, nose, and chin well.

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