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Top Mistakes to Avoid During a Visa Interview

— June 22, 2022

Many times candidates try to provide information that is not requested. Make sure that you don’t try to be over-smart or overconfident.

Are you trying to get a visa to the United States? Well, the interview is the most crucial factor that determines whether you get the visa or not. Many candidates focus on the documents and don’t pay enough attention to their interviews. Unfortunately, it results in a negative outcome for them. 

Since you are here reading this blog, you have taken the first step towards success. In this blog, we will talk about the top mistakes to avoid during a visa interview. 

Lack of Preparation

When you don’t give enough importance to a visa interview, you don’t prepare yourself for it. Before anything else, you should do some research about the interview. What are the most frequently asked questions in a visa interview? How to answer these questions? Research as much as possible to know everything about the interview. 

Inappropriate Appearance

The first impression is the last impression. This statement is true in almost every situation. An appropriate appearance is vital for a visa interview. They don’t have a lot of time to know about you. Most interviews take 3 to 5 minutes and the officer has to make a decision within this time. 

Keep in mind that your appearance includes outfit, shoes, body posture, makeup, and more. Wear a formal dress and maintain normal eye contact with the officer. 

Giving Incomplete or False Information

Always make sure that you provide correct and complete information. When you give incomplete information, it results in needless delay. On the other hand, if you give false information, it may have serious consequences such as the inability to enter the United States. Moreover, you may have to face legal actions as well. 

Not Providing Complete Documentation

While preparing for the interview, you should find out all the required documents. Make sure that you read the prerequisites and ready yourself accordingly. 

To leave a positive impression, it is a great idea to organize your documents perfectly. Looking for a particular document is frustrating especially when you are interviewing a lot of candidates. 

Lack of Appropriate Fee

Now, you have researched about the interview and know the amount of the fee. Do you know what is the preferred method of payment? Are you thinking of paying in cash? Well, you may be wrong there. Most embassies or consulates don’t accept cash. They would like you to pay via bank drafts for visa issuance and visa application fee. However, it is always the best idea to check the official website of the consulate for exact information. 

Giving Pointless Information

Many times candidates try to provide information that is not requested. Make sure that you don’t try to be over-smart or overconfident. It results in providing detailed answers, which is not good for you. It may result in additional questions you have no idea about. 

Keep in mind that they are conducting a lot of interviews. They don’t want to prolong your interview just because you want to speak a little more. Hence, it is better to give short and precise answers. 


When you prepare for the interview, make sure that you pay attention to your documents. When they ask a question, you must answer according to your documents. If your documents tell one thing while you are answering otherwise, it will kill your interview. 

Making Arguments with the Officer

Do you like a person who argues with you on everything? No one does! Remember this when you appear for the interview. Even if you want to ask something, be polite and start your sentence with “please.”

Improper Communication

Young man in suit waiting for meeting; image by Benjamin Dada, via
Young man in suit waiting for meeting; image by Benjamin Dada, via

One of the most common things that affect an interview is poor communication. People often lack the English language ability to communicate with the consulate officer and it goes against them. Requesting a regional language interpreter is a good idea to overcome this issue. 


Being nervous always bring negative outcome. It can destroy the entire interview regardless of your documentation and answers. When you speak too much about yourself or have a shaky voice, it is not a good sign. Try to calm down and stay relaxed before the interview. Do not overthink it. 

The Bottom Line

Giving enough time to prepare yourself for the interview is necessary. All of the above mistakes are easily avoidable if you pay some attention to them. Conduct a practice session with a native English speaker if possible. If one of your loved ones has appeared for a visa interview, it is a good idea to seek their advice. Stay focused but don’t overthink and you will get over the line. Good luck! 

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