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Top Skills You Need to Develop Your Career

— November 15, 2019

If there is a certain job you are eyeing, it is good to do the research on what other skills you’ll need to succeed. Improve the ones that you have now and learn the new ones.

When applying for a job, interviewers usually look at the set of skills the applicants have and can offer. Having these skills makes it easier to perform tasks in the job. These skills differ from the type of career path someone takes. However, there are skills that one must have regardless of the type of career they choose. These are general skills that employers usually look for in their applicants.

There is always the opportunity to improve the set of skills one has. One can also acquire the skills needed depending on the career track. Having the proper skills is an important factor in one’s career development. Some situations need certain skills and expertise to manage. These are skills for a job that should be included in a resume.

First, there are the soft skills. These are hard to spot and assess at first glance. These are usually seen when one starts to work. Their relations with other workers, customers and clients display the soft skills that they have.

Interpersonal skills are one of the most important professional skill to master. This is often the reason someone gets hired in the first place. Human resources personnel are critical when it comes to this part. If knowledge about the job is 50 percent, then interpersonal skill is the other 50 percent. Let’s face it: no business would stay afloat without any sort of communication. 

One soft skill is communication skills. This includes the ability of someone to speak to others in a way that is clear and understandable. This also includes good listening. It is important to make colleagues feel respected and heard. Another part of the communication skill needed is the ability to write effectively. This job skill is the first one that shows in the interview.

This is maybe first noticed in one’s cover letter and resume. High-quality cover letters and resumes may be acquired through Employers assess the way you give information. This skill is the way one speaks to colleagues over the phone or in person. It also how you process the information given to you.

It is important to polish how you present yourself through communication. You need to be clear about your message. To develop this skill, you may take on tasks like composing emails or working on customer service. There are many things you can do to improve this skill.

This is essential to all kinds of work. It doesn’t matter whether it is a blue-collar job or a white-collar job. This is because all types of jobs need to exchange information.

Another skill that should be on one’s skill set is analytical and research skills. In any job, there comes a time when employees face problems. It is important to be able to analyze the problem and work on an effective solution.

MacBook Pro next to spiral notebook; image by Lukas, via
MacBook Pro next to spiral notebook; image by Lukas, via

Employers carefully analyze applicants for this skill. They usually hold written examinations to test how extensive the applicant’s knowledge is. The written examinations also cover the critical and analytical capabilities of the applicant.

One should be able to improve this skill by gathering more knowledge needed on the job. One can do research assignments or simply help clients and customers with queries. This can develop logical and analytical skills that one can use for future setbacks.

Research is a skill that is important for moving forward. For a company to keep up with advancements, it is critical to have people good with research, be it market research or product research. This is also great for resolving simple problems within the company. Gathering knowledge about situations can help one come up with an efficient solution.

Decision making is a skill that is honed through years of experience. Managerial positions require applicants to have developed this skill. However, lower positions also need this type of soft skill. It is not all the time that there is someone watching over everything. There are small scenarios and problems that require employees to make decisions and solve problems within their capacity.

The famous saying, “No man is an island,” is suitable for all things especially for the workplace. Employers often look for team players. This is because there are only a few things that one can do independently. One must be able to build a good work relationships to be able to work efficiently. Teamwork means having the ability to follow instructions delegated to them.

There is a lot of workplace drama that starts from workmates not having teamwork skills. This may take a toll on a job or even a department. This is why companies hold team building exercises to develop relationships within the group. Good relationships brings good working environments.

One may improve this skill by participating in group activities. Join group assignments. Don’t do everything by yourself. Ask help from others. These are simple things that can definitely make a difference in one’s teamwork skills.

One more important skill to have is technology skills. With today’s technological advancements, it is only logical to try and keep up with it. Companies and businesses are upgrading to provide better service. It is only reasonable to employ applicants who have proper knowledge of techniques used in the industry.

One may be able to improve this by taking extensive courses about certain programs and software. There are online courses that make it easier. Find out what technology is used in the field of your work and master it. 

Lastly, the leadership skill is a good soft skill to have in one’s arsenal. This is a very powerful skill to have. This is a soft skill that one gets when they’ve mastered all the other ones mentioned here. A leader is a good find for any employer. This may take years of experience to harness. A good leader can improve the company altogether.

Having this skill means having the power to influence co-workers. Leading someone is way different bossing someone around. It is essential to have a manager who knows what to do to improve the way people work. 

Highlighting these work skills mentioned increases one’s chances of getting the job. If there is a certain job you are eyeing, it is good to do the research on what other skills you’ll need to succeed. Improve the ones that you have now and learn the new ones.

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