Image of the Recalled Bruin Infant Wiggle Ball
Recalled Bruin Infant Wiggle Ball; Image Courtesy of

Parents of young children beware. A recall was recently issued for a popular infant toy amid concerns that it can pose a choking hazard. The recall itself was issued by Toys “R” Us after the company received “six reports of pieces breaking off, four of which reported they found the broken pieces in children’s mouths.” But what toy has suddenly become so dangerous?

Image of the Toys R Us and Babies R Us Logos
Toys R Us and Babies R Us Logos; Image Courtesy of LinkedIn,

The toy in question is the Bruin Infant Wiggle Ball, “also known as a giggle ball.” It’s easy to identify thanks to its bright blue color and “textured bumps for gripping.” It also has “orange, green and yellow rubber knobs around the ball,” and even “wiggles, vibrates and plays three different musical tunes.” They also have “model number 5F6342E and Toys “R” Us printed on the product.”

It’s estimated that about 29,700 wiggle balls were sold between “June 2016 and January 2017” nationwide. For now, parents who have the toys in their homes are being urged to “take them away from babies” and return them for a refund. More information about the recall can be found at or by calling Toys “R” Us at 800-869-7787


Toys R Us recalls baby toy because of choking risk

Toys R Us recalls nearly 30,000 Infant Wiggle Balls for choking hazard

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