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Trump Settles with Protesters Assaulted Outside of Trump Tower in 2015

— November 2, 2022

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed. However, an attorney for the protesters said that his clients are “very, very happy” with its terms.

Former President Donald Trump has reached a settlement with a group of protesters who claim they were physically assaulted by his security team in 2015.

According to NBC News, while attorneys for both sides confirmed the agreement, they did not disclose the terms of the settlement.

Benjamin Dictor, a lawyer for the protesters, hailed the announcement, calling it “an incredible day for our clients, who are lifelong activists in the community […] who stood up to defend the right to speech on the public sidewalk and have litigated for seven years.”

“And today,” Dictor said, “the matter was resolved on terms that they are very, very happy with.”

An attorney for Trump, Alina Habba, suggested that—even though the former president was eager to bring the case to trial—the terms of the settlement were mutually agreeable.

“Although we were eager to proceed to trial to demonstrate the frivolousness of this case, the parties were ultimately able to come to an amicable resolution,” Habba said. “We are very pleased with this outcome and are happy to finally put this matter to rest once and for all.”

Trump Tower in Chicago, IL. Image by Ryan J. Farrick.

The lawsuit, notes NBC News, stems from an incident that occurred in September 2015 outside of Trump Tower.

A group of protesters, angered by Trump’s comments disparaging Latin American immigrants and asylum-seekers, claim they were illegally instructed by Trump Tower security guards to vacate the public sidewalk adjacent to the building.

When they refused and began raising slogans, Trump’s protection detail—including the head of his security team—assaulted the protesters.

In their lawsuit, the protesters said that Trump’s security team interfered with their “peaceful and lawful assembly,” which they stressed had occurred on public, city-maintained property.

“Powerful men might put their names on buildings, but the sidewalk will always belong to the people,” Dictor said.

Despite Trump and Habba’s confidence, Dictor told POLITICO that the defendants likely feared judgment before a New York jury.

POLITICO notes that Trump had already been deposed in the case.

If the case had proceeded to trial, then Trump’s deposition could have been played for the jury.

“Defendants were staring down the barrel of a Bronx jury who were about to be presented with overwhelming evidence in support of plaintiffs’ claims. Nevertheless, plaintiffs are proud to have settled their claims and to have obtained written recognition by Donald Trump of their right to protest on the public sidewalk,” Dictor told POLITICO in an emailed statement.


Trump settles lawsuit filed by protesters over 2015 scuffle

Trump settles lawsuit with protesters who allege his security guards assaulted them

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