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Car accidents are never fun for anyone, especially when they result in injuries. For Karen Del Re, 53, of New Jersey, that’s exactly what happened when “she was injured in a crash with an agency pickup truck in 2013.” Fortunately, however, Del Re received $3.6 million from a settlement agreement “with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.”

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But when did the accident happen, and where exactly? For starters, the accident itself occurred way back on September 30, 2013, and it happened “westbound on Route 36 in Keyport” when Del Re was “hit from behind by a Turnpike Authority pickup truck.”

As is common in car accidents, Del Re sustained quite a few injuries. For example, according to her attorney, Adam Jon Weisberg, Del Re “suffered injuries to both shoulders, both hands, her left knee, and cervical and lumbar discs.” To make matters worse, Weisburg reported that Del Re “had to have a full knee replacement and surgeries to heal her other injuries.” Anyone who has ever had to undergo surgery knows it’s not cheap, so the funds from the lawsuit settlement are sure to come in handy.

The settlement agreement was reached last October 4, and Del Re received the money in January of this year.


Woman hit by pickup truck reaches $3.6M settlement with Turnpike Authority

Woman hit by pickup truck reportedly reaches $3.6M settlement with Turnpike Authority

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