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Two Semi Trucks Crash on Major Colorado Freeway

— December 6, 2021

Truck accidents are time-sensitive. The sooner your case is filed, the higher your chances for success are.

According to KKCO 11 News and the Colorado State Patrol, a crash involving two semi-trucks occurred last month on I-70, a Colorado intersection. The accident caused the eastbound lane of the highway to be closed and blocked. The Colorado State Patrol has stated that one semi-truck ran into the other, causing major damage.

In most truck accidents, one driver usually gets cited for being at fault. In this particular incident, The Colorado State Patrol found that the driver at fault was engaging in careless driving and found paraphernalia in the truck. Upon searching for evidence, CSP Troopers arrested one driver, who remains in custody.

The truck has been towed and searched at an impound.

Why are truck accidents more dangerous and complicated than regular auto accidents? 

Oftentimes, truck accidents are more devastating than auto accidents. Semi trucks’ main purpose is transporting cargo over long distances across the country. The damage typically extends to the cargo that is being transported, making drivers more susceptible to injuries. Truck drivers need to be extra careful while on the road to prevent these major incidents from occurring.

In the unfortunate event that semi-truck accidents occur in the Grand Junction area, drivers are recommended to do the following:

  • Seek medical care if you or the other driver are injured
  • Document the truck and cargo damage for both vehicles
  • Contact law enforcement and wait for patrols to arrive
  • Upon their arrival, maintain a professional demeanor
  • Contact a Grand Junction truck accident lawyer to help defend your rights.

Truck accidents bring more intricacies and complications than other accidents. A lawyer may help drivers resolve their cases. Our Grand Junction Attorneys are here to protect you and your rights! 

Because the Grand Junction area and the State of Colorado combine a metropolitan lifestyle with nature, this can make the region more subject to accidents than most other areas in the United States. An individual may need the services of a skilled and experienced auto accident attorney for the complicated Colorado laws.

Image by Nathan Anderson, via
Image by Nathan Anderson, via

Truck accidents are time-sensitive. The sooner your case is filed, the higher your chances for success are. Our leading and nationally lauded offices are ready and equipped to handle most cases in a timely fashion. Never go at it alone, we can guide you through every step. Grand Junction residents are encouraged to follow accident safety protocols and professionalism during an accident for a chance at a favorable outcome.

Our attorneys will get started on your case right away and we will individually tailor your defense for a possible favorable outcome. We will always put your rights first, no matter the circumstances. Our offices are awaiting your call and we work tirelessly to defend your rights.

Whether you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury due to an auto collision, our office is ready to fight for and protect our Grand Junction community.

Our attorneys are here through the most complicated circumstances. Contact us today so you can rest assured that we will always prioritize your peace of mind.


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