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Two Ways Fatal Accidents Happen in Sioux Falls

— December 14, 2022

When a person has died from their injuries, there are actions that can be taken by the surviving family members.

Sioux Falls, SD – People are exposed to situations that can potentially result in an accident every day. This includes commuting to work, the dangers present on a person’s job, and other situations that can turn dangerous. While most do not think about the possibility of a fatal injury, it does happen at times and families who are dealing with the death of a family member have certain options available to assist with the process for compensation. This includes filing a civil lawsuit against the person or business responsible for the loss. 

There are licensed attorneys who can provide additional information about these matters during a meeting. 

Motor vehicle crashes

Americans in South Dakota and other states are at risk to sustain serious or fatal injuries during a motor vehicle crash. This is because most adults are on the road for several miles each day, which increases the chance that an accident will happen. Problems such as speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving are common in South Dakota and other states, and these are some of the leading causes of deadly crashes throughout the nation. Because car and truck collisions are so common, many Sioux Falls attorneys focus their practice on auto crash cases and they obtain a great deal of experience and knowledge in areas such as auto insurance and  negotiating accident settlements. 

Workplace accidents

Construction worker on girders; image by dimitrisvetsikas1969, via
Construction worker on girders; image by dimitrisvetsikas1969, via

While the danger associated with a person’s work can vary greatly depending on the specific profession and industry, many workers are exposed to some kind of risk of an injury on the job. Some of the highest risk fields include commercial driving, construction and manual labor, heavy industry, and jobs in the oil and energy industry. However, even in fields with lower risk, a sudden incident such as a slip and fall accident can sometimes have serious and life changing consequences.   

Legal action after a fatal incident

When a person has died from their injuries, there are actions that can be taken by the surviving family members. A wrongful death lawsuit is a way for families to be compensated due to the negligence of another person or business through the civil courts. Damages can include the person’s final medical treatment, funeral and burial costs, and compensation related to their income the victim could have earned and the services they provided. Many experienced accident attorneys will have extensive experience with handling cases related to fatalities and arguing for as much compensation as necessary. 

Speaking with a local accident attorney in Sioux Falls is a service that helps people find a lawyer who can help them. Anyone who needs a referral to an accident attorney in their area can call 800-672-3103 for assistance. 

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