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Types of Legal Accountability for Fatality Accidents Caused by Truck Drivers

— April 6, 2022

Most families will want to receive financial assistance for the problems created by a negligent truck driver.

Boston, MA – Fatalities caused by semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles are a common problem on the roads in Boston and other cities around the country. When a person is killed by the negligence of a commercial truck driver, there are a number of serious consequences that can potentially follow this incident. These include lawsuits, criminal charges, and the driver’s employer may have to pay out a significant amount to the victim’s family through a settlement. 

Massachusetts truck accident lawyers can assist with this process for victims to receive compensation through civil lawsuits. 

Criminal charges

In some cases, law enforcement may suspect that there is a criminal aspect to the driver’s actions if they acted intentionally or with serious disregard for the safety of others. Criminal charges such as vehicular manslaughter may be filed. It is also possible that a DUI manslaughter case can be brought against the driver if there is evidence that they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the crash happened. It is also possible that civil wrongful death lawsuits can be brought if the death was caused by criminal actions.

Wrongful death lawsuits

Excessive Work Hours Lead to Significant Health Problems, Death
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Most families will want to receive financial assistance for the problems created by a negligent truck driver. The best way to pay for the victim’s lost income and wages, healthcare costs, and funeral expenses is through a civil wrongful death case. This type of lawsuit can be brought by certain individuals on the victim’s behalf in situations where a personal injury case for negligence could have been brought by the victim if they had survived. The state law limits the person who is the administrator or executor of the estate named in will or appointed by the courts to bring the case. Because there may be some confusing aspects of the state’s wrongful death law, it is recommended that any family who is considering such actions meet with Boston truck accident lawyers. 

Punitive damages in wrongful death cases

Massachusetts law does allow for additional compensation to be awarded to the victim’s estate as a form of punishment. These are called punitive damages. State law says that punitive damages can only be awarded in cases where there is some kind of malicious, willful, or reckless conduct by the defendant. There needs to be a factual inquiry to determine the exact nature of the driver’s conduct in the moments before the crash.

Boston truck crash lawyers are available

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