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Use Instagram Like a Celebrity to Boost Your Brand

— September 9, 2020

No brand or celebrity can exist and function as an isolated entity! It is necessary to interact with the audience at large.

It’s interesting to observe the Instagram growth curve. It has developed into a core content marketing platform and an audience and lead generation tool from an essential image sharing website and app. It can effectively build brands and celebrities alike and help them both to have an impact on the people. 

Today, models, social influencers, and celebrities get paid for sponsored posts on Instagram. Instagram’s engagement rates for successful brands often surpass other social media channels. Here, brands and celebrities receive more than 60% of the interaction per follower and user compared to other eminent social media channels. Hence, it has generated over 2 million advertisers and 25 million active business profiles. 

Most people create an account on Instagram to follow their best celebrities and brands. If you want to use Instagram to promote your business and gain mileage out of it, create and maintain your profile like the leading celebrities. For this, you must have an increased follower base. Trying your strategies to maximize likes and followers organically might take time. If you want, you can join hands with companies to help you buy Instagram followers and likes. It will help your brand appear professional and highly credible!

Red and blue neon sign showing a comment bubble and zero likes against a black background; image by Prateek Katyal, via
Red and blue neon sign showing a comment bubble and zero likes against a black background; image by Prateek Katyal, via

Why do people love to follow celebrities on Instagram?

Instagram users love to follow celebrities, social media influencers, and their best media personalities. They love to know their stars, actors, and celebrities personally. They are happy to emulate their best idols on social Instagram. A few other reasons are:

  • Celebrities share exciting updates that highlight everyday happenings. It allows fans and followers to know what their best actors do throughout the day.
  • Celebrities also share details of their upcoming films on Instagram. You can get to see trailers or exclusive scenes from a movie or a music video.
  • Celebrities also take you behind the scenes of any film, media event, and the award ceremonies. That aside, stars come to live sessions to interact with their fans and answer their questions. It helps to strengthen the celebrity and follower connection.
  • People like the light humor that celebrities use when they post on Instagram. They can make a dull post enjoyable with the way they present it. Also, people love to see high-quality celebrity photoshoot images as Instagram mostly started as an image sharing platform. 

Followers and fans also get attracted to the Instagram post layout and style that their best celebrities use. It creates a visual impact that followers love.

Instagram promotion tactics for brands

Given a choice between brands and celebrities, people would love to follow stars more! Do you want to make your brand’s social media posts as appealing as that of a rapper or social influencer? If yes, you can use the following steps:

  • Select appealing aesthetics

Aesthetics make a lasting impression. It will help to grab your followers and make them stay and interact with you. General aesthetics will get you average outcomes. To make followers and users eagerly wait for your posts or browse through the older posts, you need to pay attention to everything from the color pallet, grid to the font type. Take time to experiment and arrive at the best format that works for you. Excellent photography, editing, and website designing play a crucial role here.

  • Smart captions

High-end and quality images need to have content for the followers to make sense of it! For this, you need witty captions. If you want to keep your followers engaged with your posts, make sure that your captions are smart. Captions need to be precise and catchy! If you need to write more, you can create a concise content in a humorous tone to connect with your followers. Keep both the captions and content informative, descriptive, but never verbose.

  • Intelligent use of hashtags

Celebrities have a huge follower base that results in numerous likes and endless comments! Do you want the same for your small or start-up brand? If yes, you need to use the best hashtags that act as keywords for your content and image posts. Ensure that you don’t add more than 30 hashtags that are relevant to the Instagram post. You can use a few popular ones like #instagood or #instadaily. Your hashtags should be in relevance to your industry vertical and brand. You can even create new hashtags that are specific to your products or services and set the trend. Your followers and fans on Instagram get drawn to any celebrity and brand that show originality and creativity.

Last but not least, no brand or celebrity can exist and function as an isolated entity! It is necessary to interact with the audience at large. Make sure that you reply to direct messages, comments, and a live stream. If people have tagged your brand, you can acknowledge the same with a response. Communicating with the audience will give new products and services ideas and help plan a smart content management strategy. You can also ask the followers for the best hashtags. It increases follower involvement, which will help boost your follower counts and likes like that of a celebrity.

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