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Valid8 Financial Launches “Stories” to Accelerate Financial Fraud Investigations

— February 23, 2024

New capability separates transactions into collections to reveal insights faster.

BOULDER, Colo.Valid8 Financial, the leader in Verified Financial Intelligence, announced Stories, a new capability allowing users to quickly separate transactions of interest and group them into different collections to understand how financial activities unfolded over time and across locations.

Stories builds on Valid8’s existing AI Categorization capabilities to provide investigators with a new, more powerful way to identify questionable transactions, including checks, deposits, transfers and payments, and mark them for further evaluation. It also offers a means to collaborate with other investigators and develop easy-to-understand case narratives.

“Stories delivers on our promise to continue addressing the tedious manual reviews and spreadsheet work that slow down investigations,” said Valid8 Financial’s CEO, Chris McCall. “The ability to quickly separate transactions of interest from routine ones allows investigators to narrow in on the activities that matter in a fraud case.”

The company’s Verified Financial Intelligence platform provides forensic accounting, legal and government professionals with courtroom-ready evidence for a variety of complex financial investigations and disputes, including Medicaid fraud, partnership disputes, asset division, high-net-worth divorces and Chapter 11 bankruptcies.

Stories are pivotal in helping improve the speed and quality of rendering a professional opinion. Professionals can use Stories to:

  • Collaborate across and between firms, saving many hours previously spent writing detailed emails or reviewing transactions together in meetings.
  • Build their final, courtroom-ready evidentiary narrative.

“Stories saves us significant time by making it much easier to organize and categorize transactions and collaborate across the firm, allowing us to focus our efforts on the items warranting further examination,” said Ken Feinstein, Managing Director, J.S. Held. “Transaction review has typically been tedious and resource-intensive, so there’s tremendous value in expediting the process.”

Check Images graphic courtesy of Valid8.
Check Images graphic courtesy of Valid8.

With fraud prosecutions and reported losses on the rise, Valid8’s AI and automation allow users to quickly parse, reconcile and categorize financial data from numerous sources, including bank transactions, Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, and even hand-written checks — eliminating sample risk in favor of mapping entire transaction histories. Stories helps users get even more from Valid8’s industry-leading AI Categorization.

“Transactions are like characters,” said McCall. “With Stories, our customers can focus on the most relevant transactions and quickly reveal the plot.”

Stories is the first of several new capabilities planned for 2024, following Valid8’s $8.5 million Series A financing last November. The functionality is available now to all customers. For more information, please visit

About Valid8 Financial

Valid8 Financial is the global leader in Verified Financial Intelligence (VFI). The company’s platform extracts accounting evidence from documents and systems to eliminate sample risk, address staffing challenges, and improve the speed and quality of rendering a professional opinion. Hundreds of firms use Valid8’s software on some of the world’s most complex, high-profile cases. The company holds numerous patents and was recognized in 2023 as a Top Financial Restructuring Services Provider from Financial Services Review and in 2022 as a Technology Innovation Award Winner from CPA Practice Advisors and as a Top 100 Early Stage Company by Will Reed. The company has headquarters in Boulder and Seattle. For more information, visit:

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