Man vaping; image by Ruslan Alekso, via Pexels.
Man vaping; image by Ruslan Alekso, via Pexels.

Over the last decade, the world has seen a dramatic shift; one that has taken everyone by surprise because of the seemingly invincible reign of one of the participants. This shift is no other than between smoking cigarettes and vaping. Cigarettes, over the last decade, have suffered a loss in the consumer base. This has been surprising because no other invention, except for vapes, has ever fared well against the might of cigarettes and the field of smoking.

How It All Started

Attempts to restrict smoking, in the past, involved toothpaste or chewing gums that would reduce your longing for cigarettes. However, these instruments would only be successful in curbing your desire for cigarette just in the short-term. Which means that sooner or later, you will end up smoking after all. So, the solution was not so effective after all, no matter how much the manufacturers claimed it to be.

With the invention of e-cigarettes, the revolution started. E-cigarettes were invented primarily keeping in mind the harmful effects that cigarettes were imposing on their consumers. Although these effects have been present ever since cigarettes came into being, only the recent awareness campaigns by multiple vape manufacturers could hasten the process of change. Once people began to realize that cigarettes were causing them so much harm, all they needed was an effective way to quit since the addiction was too strong just to let go at once.

Man smoking e-cigarette while breaking a traditional cigarette in half; image by <a href=></a>, via Flickr, CC BY 2.0, no changes.
Man smoking e-cigarette while breaking a traditional cigarette in half; image by, via Flickr, CC BY 2.0, no changes.

These smokers saw e-cigarettes as the effective way that could help them quit, and they started using them. As time passed and demand rose, manufacturers found the resources to improve the technology and introduced better and better technology. The term vape was used to cover all of these.

Where Did the Success Lie?

What vapes essentially did was to considerably lower the harmful effects of the same nicotine intake as that of cigarettes. Vapes went a step ahead and gave consumers the ability to alter their nicotine content as they saw fit. This meant that they could bring down their nicotine content eventually and reduce their dependence over time. This was the one way that cigarettes could.

What could vapes do? This was the question. The answer is that vapes provide the nicotine fix without any of the harmful metallic compounds that cigarettes include. These metallic compounds have often been seen as the real reason behind many of the life-threatening diseases that cigarettes cause. Besides, vapes are clear of any tar, a material which is one of the leading causes of cancer among smokers.

Next comes the flavor flexibility. If you vape the first time, there is a very probable chance that you did it to enjoy the pleasures of your favorite flavor in vapor form. Much of the initial success of vapes came from the fact that they were an effective way to counter cigarette intake, but what made this success sustainable was the availability of several delicious flavors for everyone. Even now, much of the success comes from the new flavors launched every day by hundreds of manufacturers currently operating in the vape market.

What is Vaping Actually?

When vapes were first introduced, many people saw no difference between it and smoking. Many thought that vapes were no more than just another method of smoking meant to overcome the saturation in the market. However, when the awareness campaigns for vapes began to target cigarettes specifically, people realized that the real story was very different. They came to understand that vapes were their way out of smoking and started to shift from smoking to vaping, but not without their outstanding research into what happens inside a vaping kit.

The basic idea behind vaping is to pour the flavored liquid into a device that will heat it up and form inhalable vapors from it. Now, the various variants of a vaping kit (e-cigarettes, vape pens, mods, box mods, sub ohm tanks, etc.) make it very difficult to define what parts do the work, but to make sure that you are informed enough, the most basic vaping kit is discussed.

The liquid is poured into a tank, that is usually a part of the atomizer itself. An atomizer is a part that converts the liquid into vapor. When the liquid is in place, a power button (a fire button, sometimes) is pressed to start the heating process. The heating process involves warming up the liquid to make it evaporate. The coils are an integral part of the heating process. It is the coils that contact a rechargeable battery and heat up. This, in turn, heats up the e-liquid and produces dense clouds. If you vape for the first time, there is very little chance that you will know all this but has it ever hurt to understand what you are dealing with?

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