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Verification, Documentation & Registration of Property Made Easier with LegalKart’s ‘Property’ Product

— May 12, 2021

Access convenient and reliable solution to verify and register properties in over 820 districts in India at the convenience of your fingertips with

According to IBEF, the Indian real estate market is slated to be $1 Trillion by 2030 from its current size of $120 Billion. With the Covid situation around, real estate has witnessed a surge in the property buyers for both personal and investment purposes. While there is a rise in the number of buyers, a pre-requisite to buy a safe property is that it should be legally verified as it requires a huge sum of money and one cannot risk it being a disputed property. 

In India, there is no central registry of land records and states have their land records in vernacular language that makes it all the more challenging. In this backdrop, India’s first technology-enabled legal advisory platform has now forayed into property legal products for the customers who are planning to buy or sell any property anywhere in India. LegalKart’s newly launched property products  are ideal for those who need a trusted and convenient way to get their property transactions executed like, property legal advisory, document verification, property registration, and drafting of property documents.

LegalKart leverages its technology to get its property products delivered across the country through more than 10,000 lawyers on its platform in more than 850 cities and districts in India. Today, the safest option to invest in property requires a thorough legal verification to stay safe. Most of the buyers who are first-timers face challenges with property paperwork and want the real estate to be safe and dispute-free. LegalKart, after detailed verification of all your property papers, confirms its valid legal title with government authorities making it a safe investment bet, thus, democratizing legal access by making it accessible to all.

Commenting on this new feature, Dr. Arvind Singhatiya, Founder and CEO, LegalKart said;

“Most of the property buyers in India currently are first-time buyers and have lesser experience in dealing with properties. There is a cumbersome paperwork and verification process involved before ensuring that the property is safe and dispute-free. LegalKart is a ‘Customer First Company’ and we are democratizing legal with affordability and reliability for end-users. There is an exponential growth of users for legal products because now it is easy and affordable. Our recently launched property products are getting strong traction from the customers all over the country. In the last 3 months, we have verified properties worth INR 50 Cr. which clearly portrays the authenticity this solution possesses”

LegalKart Logo courtesy of
LegalKart Logo courtesy of

Recently, LegalKart has introduced 8 different Indian language options to consult with a lawyer. It is available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada and Bengali. features ‘Just Consult’ on its website to consult legal problems with verified lawyers 24X7.

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