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Victims of Negligent Truck Drivers in Fort Pierce Can Receive These Types of Compensation

— June 2, 2022

Medical records and bills can be used to prove the amount of damage that the accident caused.

Fort Pierce, FL – People who have been harmed during a collision involving a large semi truck or other commercial vehicle can have serious costs. When this happens, a civil lawsuit that is filed against the driver and their employer is generally the best way for the victim to cover their massive expenses. This is because truck accidents can be extremely expensive, but the company that owns the vehicle will generally have some kind of high risk insurance policy that can cover these costs, as well as provide additional types of compensation if applicable. 

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Economic damages

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A victim of a commercial vehicle accident will have to spend time in a hospital and receive other types of healthcare to recover after most injuries. These medical records and bills can be used to prove the amount of damage that the accident caused. The same type of calculation is utilized for lost income, property repairs, and other losses that the victim can prove through evidence and documentation. Because large semi trucks tend to cause significant damage during a collision, the average amount of economic damages for a lawsuit against a commercial vehicle driver can be in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Non-economic damages 

Another significant type of loss that a person experiences after a collision with a truck is their trauma, along with any associated physical pain and other quality of life problems. Injury attorneys often argue that these amounts should be compensated, and they come up with an amount based on the severity of the person’s injuries and how they affected their life. However, this is not necessarily tied to the victim’s specific medical costs. 

Punitive damages

In some cases, there may be additional damages awarded to punish a trucker and their employer for some kind of reckless behavior that is a danger to public safety. This type of punishment in a civil case is through making them pay punitive damages, however they are not available in many lawsuits where the driver merely made a mistake that caused the crash. 

Truck accident lawyers in Florida

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