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Viona Pharmaceuticals Expands Voluntary Metformin Recall Amid Cancer Risks

— January 14, 2022

Viona Pharmaceuticals just announced it is expanding a recall for certain lots of Metformin because they may contain cancer-causing properties.

A recall for Metformin was recently expanded over concerns it may contain too much N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a probable human carcinogen. The announcement was made by Viona Pharmaceuticals in Cranford, New Jersey earlier this week, and comes on the heels of the voluntary recall issued back in December that included 33 different lots of the type 2 diabetes drug. 

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FDA Logo; image courtesy of the Food and Drug Administration via Wikimedia Commons,

Twenty-three lots of the recalling 23 lots of the 750-milligram Metformin hydrochloride extended-release tablets are included in the expanded recall. The tablets were manufactured by Cadila Healthcare Limited in Ahmedabad, India, and shipped to the United States for distribution.

Metformin is a common drug prescribed to help people control their type 2 diabetes. It works by treating “used to treat high blood sugar levels resulting from the disease by not only lowering blood sugar but helping “restore the way you use food to make energy,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

People taking the drug should check the lot number printed on the bottle of tablets against the list of recalled lots on the FDA website. If your bottle is included in the recall, contact your doctor for advice. It’s never a good idea to suddenly stop taking medication like Metformin because it could cause side effects. 

For now, Viona Pharmaceuticals is working on notifying any customers that may be impacted by the recall. If you have additional questions or concerns, contact recall processor Inmar Pharmaceutical Services by phone at 855-249-3303 (option 1), and contact your doctor if you’re experiencing any health issues.


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