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VIPole Keeps Lawyers Safe from Security Breaches

— June 19, 2017

WannaCry affected those in 153 different countries, it was so widespread. Even law firms aren’t safe from cybercriminals. But VIPole has a plan to keep lawyers safe from security breaches.

Cybercrime is on the rise in both private and public sectors. The WannaCry cyber-attack that occurred last month is just one example of how tens of thousands of businesses, agencies and hospitals can be hit by cybercriminals. WannaCry affected those in 153 different countries, it was so widespread. Even law firms aren’t safe from cybercriminals. But VIPole has a plan to keep lawyers safe from security breaches.

According to Christopher Miller, head of development at VIPole (Vee-Eye-Pole), the surge in high-profile stories of data breaches and other cybercrimes is creating a “wave of anxiety” with the company’s law firm clients. Concerns understandably include the safety of sensitive communications, as well as data.

Law firm data breaches are a scary reality; image courtesy of
Law firm data breaches are a scary reality; image courtesy of

Mr. Miller continued, “Given the momentum, VIPole security specialists took time to thoughtfully analyze the circumstances and introduce additional functionality to ensure the appropriate level of security, further reducing the risk of data compromise.”

And a good thing it is, too. According to reports, the human factor figures largely in some data breaches, not just technical issues. VIPole’s press release said that, “Companies are using monitoring and surveillance software to protect themselves against a fast-evolving array of threats while frequently neglecting the risk of exposure created by their own staff and customers.”

In the legal industry, data protection is of critical importance. Paul Stevens, VIPole’s Leading Analyst and Security Expert, “It is essential for law firms to use robust system where the threat model comprises scenarios for attacks within and outside the company. Multi-layer security, advanced user controls and emergency tools for data management make a basic ‘security kit’ any law firm should have.”

So, how is VIPole going about providing such protections?

“To ensure the highest degree of protection for clients working in the legal industry, VIPole has launched a business suite with enhanced security addressing their specific needs. Lawyers can now securely manage classified data, design suitable retention policies and use password request for every authentication.”

This end-to-end encrypted business platform includes such features as “secure conversations, audio calls, video meetings, file sharing and secure password management” as “its basic functionally for protected communications between clients and law firms.” It’s “the only one that allows fine-grain administrative control over security settings of individual users.” The system enables [the creation] of policies for user groups, assignment of limited rights, permissions setting, and restricted access to client data. Using VIPole, “it’s possible for files, conversations, group conferences, passwords and other data to be completely locked-down with unbreakable encryption. Other features allow sensitive data to be remote-wiped from compromised devices, making it ideal for use by a mobile workforce.”

Law firms can set up cloud-based team accounts or deploy on-premises solutions for complete security, depending on the firm size and goals. “Only [a] comprehensive approach to secure communications can ensure true safety of confidential information and protect a business from cybercrime.”

“VIPole is an international company, with its headquarters in the UK, offering state-of-the-art, high-level encryption solutions for enterprises dealing with commercially or personally sensitive information, and individuals wishing to protect themselves from hackers, identity thieves and malware. A key feature of the system is the unique software design that ensures user data remains encrypted at every stage. Even if hackers or unauthorized personnel gain access to the device or server, user data is impossible to decrypt.

Launched in 2013, VIPole Secure Messenger now provides encrypted file storage, secure video and audio communications, group chats and collaboration tools to over 700,000 users worldwide, all of whom are protected by the highest level AES-256 and RSA-3072 encryption.” In addition to law firms, “VIPole offers a robust solution for financial institutions, medical practices, educational establishments and government offices handling sensitive personal data. VIPole also offers both free and paid versions of its products for personal use on PC, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. Full details are available at”


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