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Waivers for Entering the US without Permission Explained

— January 24, 2022

An immigration attorney can describe the application, available waivers, legal stipulations, and local regulations.

If an immigrant would like to enter the US, the local authorities evaluate their history, identity, status, and detailed application. Sometimes, an immigration specialist will indicate that the person is not able to immigrate to the United States. Yet the person may receive a waiver that will allow them to obtain an immigration visa. 

For this, the immigrant must complete a detailed application, provide multiple types of information and pay a fee. Once the organization approves the application, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services can provide an immigrant visa, or the organization may adjust the status of the immigrant.

Completing the Application

You can access an online application that contains several types of questions. These must be answered truthfully. There are many wonderful things about an online application, but the leading benefit is convenience. What is more, the applicant can track the progress of the case.

However, if there are any bureaucratic roadblocks, an experienced attorney can help you complete the application. The attorney can also describe the questions, examine the required information, and offer helpful suggestions. The process may easily feel overwhelming. However, just remember that you are not alone.

Providing Important Information

The applicant can submit documents that contain several types of information, and once an immigration specialist reviews these documents, the expert may approve the waiver. The documents can provide important evidence to support your claims. Once again, a lawyer can help ensure that you get your point across and gather all the information you need for a convincing case.

If an applicant has experienced hardships, the documents can describe this difficult situation, detailing the cause and results. After an immigration specialist reviews the documents, the expert may approve the new waiver.

Reducing the Fees

When an immigrant applies, they might be in a tough financial spot and may be unable to pay the fees. Then, the person can request a waiver that will eliminate the fees. However, if the applicant is experiencing financial hardships, they must provide supporting evidence.

Requesting an Interview

Typically, the immigrant should schedule an appointment with an immigration specialist. During the appointment, the expert may ask important questions, examine your application, evaluate eligibility and provide recommendations on proceeding with the case.

Man on a job interview; image courtesy of Amtec Staffing, via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, no changes.
Image courtesy of Amtec Staffing, via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, no changes.

Receiving a Waiver

Once the application is submitted, the organization may provide a waiver within four months. Yet, occasionally, the processing time can exceed eight months. If the immigration specialist approves the waiver, the applicant will receive a packet that contains many documents. Subsequently, the organization could provide an immigration visa, or the immigration specialist can modify the status of the immigrant.

Reviewing the Online Forms

Recently, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services upgraded the website for online applications. When you visit the website, you can chat with an automated robot. The chatbot can answer your questions, describe the online forms, evaluate several fees and provide helpful guidelines. 

Usually, the online robot will only answer basic questions. However, a specialized immigration attorney in Phoenix can evaluate your situation, examine special stipulations, describe the waivers, and offer detailed personalized guidance.

Examining the Immigration and Nationality Act

According to this statute, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services can provide waivers that allow applicants to enter the country. The statute improves the immigration process, reduces the complexity of the process, and ultimately benefits millions of immigrants.

Evaluating the Process

An immigration attorney can describe the application, available waivers, legal stipulations, and local regulations. An experienced lawyer can also explain the requirements of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Furthermore, the client can examine multiple statutes that may affect the immigration process. Moreover, the lawyer can estimate the duration of the immigration process.

Contacting an Experienced Attorney and Receiving a Consultation

Once you contact an immigration lawyer in Phoenix, the lawyer can provide a consultation, answer your questions, examine your case and evaluate your needs. The attorney may also provide personalized guidelines to help you obtain a waiver.

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