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What Are DUI Laws and Penalties in California?

— March 2, 2023

In Los Angeles, California, there are specific DUI laws and penalties that will be put into effect when a driver is pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. If the police officer clearly notices that the driver does not have proper control over their faculties or that they are not able to control themselves properly while operating their vehicle, they can arrest them for DUI.

Usually, the officers’ initial suspicions are followed up through blood alcohol concentration tests and field sobriety tests as well. When asked to take these tests it is always a good idea to comply and reply politely to officers. Remaining calm and following protocol can make it more obvious that a person is not intoxicated and help them prove their innocence in court. Those that have been arrested should connect with experienced lawyers right away.  Los Angeles DUI attorneys will provide proper help regarding the case, and they are not taken advantage of and their rights are not overlooked. California DUI lawyers can make the difficult legal process run a lot smoother so individuals get proper assistance with their case.

The two main laws that apply in DUI cases for adult drivers who were operating their vehicle in a state of intoxication include Vehicle Code 23152(a) and Vehicle Code 23152(b). These laws outline that drivers are prohibited from driving while they are under the influence of alcohol and that it becomes illegal for them to drive when their BAC is at .08% or higher. In most cases, when a driver is arrested for DUI, they will be charged under both these sections.

Office party; image by Antenna, via
Office party; image by Antenna, via

In some cases, the driver may have a BAC of less than .08% but since their faculties were still clearly impaired, they are still charged under Vehicle Code 23152(a)VC. DUI lawyers can help the defendant understand their situation better so they can put up a good fight against the prosecutor in court. DUI accident lawyers understand the law properly and can provide the driver with the legal assistance and tools they need to succeed in their case.

Penalties For Driving Under the Influence in Los Angeles, California

If the driver has a prior record of DUIs, if there were injuries or death related to the DUI, and the level of intoxication of the driver will all be considered. No matter how light or serious the penalties are, they will likely include paying fines, losing one’s license, attending DUI school and facing jail time as well.

The penalties for driving under the influence vary depending on a variety of factors. Lawyers will investigate the exact cause of the collision, and all the events related to it. Everything from the moment the driver entered their car, to the details of the arrest will be examined to determine what the actual cause of the collision was, and what the potential penalties may be for the driver. 

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