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What are Some Ways that Wage Theft Happens to Workers in Haltom City?

— November 4, 2021

All employers are required by law to have records of each employee with identifying information and the hours that they work in each pay period.

Haltom City, TX – American workplaces often shortchange their workers in a number of crucial ways. This can include simply not paying them for all the time that they have worked, asking for unpaid work, not following overtime laws, or illegal paycheck deductions. For these reasons, workers should continually monitor their pay, and check the amount they receive versus what their proper pay should be in any given period. These problems are collectively referred to as wage theft, and workers who have been affected can get legal help to receive their full outstanding wages. 

Additional work outside of clocked hours

Some employers may be in the habit of asking workers for certain things to be done before clocking in. Others may ask for help cleaning or other forms of assistance after the worker has clocked out and ended their shift. Even if the employer is not aware of the relevant labor laws, this is actually a form of wage theft. The worker needs to be compensated for all work that they have done, and they should remain clocked in until all work has totally stopped and they are about to leave the workplace. 

Classifications and exemptions

It is possible that some workers may be salaried and not eligible for overtime pay. However, it is also possible that an employer will simply make excuses to avoid ever paying overtime to anyone. Workers who are unsure about their status can check with a local labor attorney to see if they are eligible for overtime pay. As a general rule, almost all hourly employees should receive one and one half times their regular pay for working in excess of forty hours within a seven day period. 

Issues with record keeping

The Boy Scouts' so-called "perversion files" are internal records of volunteers blacklisted for suspected child sex abuse.
Image via Pixabay. Public domain.

All employers are required by law to have records of each employee with identifying information and the hours that they work in each pay period. These records need to be available for inspection by labor agencies if necessary. If the records are missing, incomplete, or contain errors, the employer can face various sanctions. It is also likely that workers are not being paid properly if there are issues with the accuracy of the records. As a safeguard, employees who are concerned can start keeping their own records, checking them against the employers records, and then contact the Texas Workforce Commission if they notice discrepancies. 

Local lawyers in Texas are available to help

Moore and Associates is a firm that dedicates their time to various labor law issues, including sexual harassment, discrimination, and unpaid wages. Their attorneys are available to meet with clients in Haltom City and other areas to discuss workplace disputes. 

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