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What Are the Biggest Threats Facing Motorcyclists in Columbus?

— December 20, 2022

Vehicles with blind spots pose an especially considerable risk to motorcyclists.

Although motorcycling can be a thrilling and affordable means of transport, it can also be quite dangerous. Motorcyclists face threats from many different areas whenever they take to the road. If these threats lead to injuries, motorcyclists may have the opportunity to work with lawyers and sue negligent parties and recover considerable settlements. But what are the biggest threats the motorcyclists need to be aware of in the modern era? Let’s find out.

Intoxicated Drivers

Motorcyclists are in serious danger whenever people decide to drive while intoxicated. Alcohol and other intoxicating substances can affect a driver’s judgement, making it even more difficult to spot smaller vehicles like motorcycles. They can also suffer from poor reaction times, increasing the chances of rear-ending motorcycles because they failed to brake in time. Injured motorcyclists can sue drunk drivers to receive fair settlements. If your family member was killed on a motorcycle by a drunk driver, you can also file a wrongful death lawsuit and recover compensation.

Drunk and drive. Man behind the wheel with open beer bottle; image via
Drunk and drive. Man behind the wheel with open beer bottle; image via

Poorly-Maintained Roads

Although it might not seem like an obvious threat, poorly-maintained roads can easily cause injuries or even fatal accidents for innocent motorcyclists. A small pothole might not be much of an issue for a passenger vehicle, but it can cause a motorcyclist to completely lose control and crash. The same goes for ditches and cracks that haven’t been properly paved over. Sometimes, construction crews leave exposed pipes and other hazards on the road. This can cause serious accidents for motorcyclists, especially if they don’t have time to react. 

Vehicles with Blind Spots

Vehicles with blind spots pose an especially considerable risk to motorcyclists. Because motorcycles are so small, they are more likely to get stuck in blind spots. Vehicles with large blind spots include semi-trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, delivery vans, and other larger vehicles. A common accident involves a semi-truck or a similar vehicle switching lanes without checking the blind spots. In this situation, a motorcyclist might be stuck in the blind spot, and this can cause them to be cut off suddenly. The same situation might occur if a larger vehicle attempts a right-hand turn without shoulder checking. This can cause the motorcyclist to slam straight into the side of the vehicle, throwing them from their motorcycle and causing serious injuries. You may be able to sue in this situation. 

Where Can I Find a Qualified Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Columbus?

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