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What Are the Different Ways an Estate Can Be Transferred?

— November 22, 2022

Probate is legal process is used to decide if a will exists and whether it is valid or not.

The grief and trauma that overcomes a person after they lose a loved one often lingers for a significant amount of time. Anyone who has lost a loved one will have to undergo a lot of emotional and financial changes in their life. Having loving family members around can make it easy for a person to process their mental changes, however, the legal and financial aspects that follow will require the help of an attorney. If a person is entitled to receive the assets of the deceased, they will have to go through the court process of having their property transferred. 

If the deceased has already created a detailed estate plan, then the court time and process may be reduced or even avoided all together based on the details of the case. Anyone who needs help with the estate planning process should get in touch with a Los Angeles probate lawyer who specializes in this field, so they do not get taken advantage of during this delicate process.

There are several different ways an estate can be transferred after a person passes away, and they vary from case to case. Any asset that has a named beneficiary already will go to the beneficiary without having to go through court. If a home was owned by two or more individuals, then the other owners who are still alive can inherit the entire property under their name.

Lawyer working at desk; image by Sora Shimazaki, via
Lawyer working at desk; image by Sora Shimazaki, via

In some cases, a transfer-on-death deed, also called a beneficiary deed may be used to transfer some assets without the court being involved. Property that is in living trusts can also be transferred without going to court as well. Those who own an estate should make sure they undergo proper estate planning so their loved ones will not have to deal with an unnecessarily long probate process. Those that have survived the deceased should also get in touch with probate lawyers to get help with the process of retrieving their assets.

Understanding the Probate Process in Los Angeles, California 

A California probate lawyer can help individuals get the help they need with the probate process. This legal process is used to decide if a will exists and whether it is valid or not. It is through this process that the decedent’s property  worth is valued and the financial responsibilities of the decedent are also determined. 

Those who need help with transferring the decedent’s property should find attorneys near me without delay so they get proper assistance with their case, and they are not taken advantage of in any way.

Get in touch with a probate lawyer as soon as possible to get help with one’s case and to ensure all the assets are retrieved by the correct beneficiaries without unnecessary delays arising along the way.

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