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What are the FAQs about Sexual Harassment Lawsuits in Illinois?

— December 7, 2021

There are usually a few different types of behavior and situations that give the victim a chance of winning the harassment lawsuit.

Champaign, IL – Employers throughout Illinois and other states should be prepared to stop harassment whenever it happens. However, many workers simply do not file complaints or report harassment because they are unaware of the relevant laws and other special protections that are extended to all workers under state and federal labor law. 

What is the employer supposed to do to detect and stop harassment?

The workplace should have a written sexual harassment policy, a procedure to receive complaints, and various means of stopping harassment from continuing through enforcement of company policies. All complaints made by workers should be received, taken seriously, and investigated until a decision on enforcement can be made based on the evidence.  

What types of actions are sexual harassment versus other kinds of workplace misconduct?

There are usually a few different types of behavior and situations that give the victim a chance of winning the harassment lawsuit. The first is called quid pro quo harassment, where an employee’s superior asks for sexual favors in return for continued employment or benefits. Another type of actionable harassment is when an employee is constantly insulted or otherwise bothered during working hours due to their sex or gender. If this is pervasive, it creates a hostile work environment where the victim cannot function as normal. In more serious cases, there may be overlap between a sexual harassment lawsuit and physical contact such as sexual battery or assault by coworkers or even customers at a business.

Image by Ben White, via
Image by Ben White, via

Most other workplace disputes that do not fit these circumstances are probably not appropriate for a sexual harassment lawsuit. However, victims can get specific legal advice based on their situation. 

How much is a harassment lawsuit worth?

There are federal laws that place limits on the amount of compensation a victim can receive through damage caps. These caps increase along with the size of the employer. In other words, someone who works for a large company with hundreds or thousands of employees can potentially receive a much larger amount than those who work for smaller businesses. 

What is sexual harassment training supposed to do?

This should ideally teach workers the formal definition of harassment, as well as give workers some examples they are likely to see in their workplace. Employers should attempt to give training sessions on a regular basis, train new hires, and update training courses based on feedback from workers and information obtained from administrators who have investigated claims. 

More information about sexual harassment lawsuits contains listings of lawyers who focus on sexual harassment and various other areas of practice. Anyone who needs a lawyer in Champaign or other states can browse the directory to find a local legal professional. 

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