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What Are the Most Dangerous Types of Semi-Trucks in Jackson, Mississippi?

— June 14, 2022

Semi-trucks are particularly dangerous when in “bobtail mode.”

Semi-trucks are a common sight in Mississippi, and they may come in various shapes and sizes. They may also carry different forms of cargo. While semi-trucks are vital to our economy and our supply chains, they can also cause tremendous harm to innocent motorists who are just trying to get from point A to point B. But what is the most dangerous type of semi-truck on the roads near Jackson? What should you be most wary of? And if you become injured by a semi-truck in Jackson, then what do you do next?

First, you should get in touch with a qualified attorney. If you’re asking yourself: “Where can I find attorneys near me?,” rest assured that there are many nearby legal professionals who can help you. Many have considerable experience with truck accident cases, and they can help you strive for positive results in a highly confident manner. With their assistance, you can recover a considerable settlement that covers your medical expenses, your missed wages, and more. 

Log Trucks

Log trucks are particularly common in Mississippi due to the state’s active logging industry. While a booming lumber industry is great for America and our economy, it can cause issues when logs are being piled onto semi-trucks in a haphazard manner. Logs are inherently unstable, and there’s no easy way to stack them. Even the most efficient stacking methods inevitably lead to an unbalanced load due to the inherent weight inconsistencies of wood1. 

Bobtail Trucks

Semi-trucks are particularly dangerous when in “bobtail mode.” This is when semi-trucks operate without a trailer, leaving only the front part exposed. Most people think that a smaller semi-truck without a trailer would be inherently more agile and safer, but this is not the case. A bobtail truck is quite unbalanced because it was never designed to operate in this manner. In addition, bobtail trucks are completely without the rear braking system supplied by the trailer, making it even more difficult for truckers to come to a complete stop. 

Tanker Trucks

Tanker truck; image by Antonino Visalli, via
Tanker truck; image by Antonino Visalli, via

Tanker trucks are also quite dangerous for obvious reasons. These vehicles carry large amounts of fuel, and even a slight collision could theoretically ignite the fuel with devastating consequences. Even a semi-truck carrying non-flammable materials can go up in flames due to its large gas tank. Combined with an external cargo of fuel, this can lead to an incredibly dangerous situation that can result in burns, death, and smoke inhalation2. 

Where Can I Find Attorneys Near Me?

If you’ve been searching for qualified, experienced accident attorneys in Jackson, look no further than Williams Newman Williams, PLLC. With their help, you can pursue a fair, adequate settlement for everything you’ve been forced to endure. Remember, you have every right to hold negligent truckers accountable for their reckless misconduct. But you must act quickly. Book your consultation today to get started. 



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