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What are Things to Know When You Go for a Kid’s Eye Test? 

— January 14, 2021

An optometrist does the basic vision test to confirm that your kids’ eyes are perfectly alright and there is no problem with their vision.

After prolonged periods of studying and working on computers, kids’ eyes suffer a lot from various stress and problems. Therefore, you need to take your kids for an eye test. It is not always that kids require spectacles, but when there is a prolonged period of illness then you need to go for checking their eyes. Taking them to a trained ophthalmologist or an optometrist can save them from many future eye issues as they can suggest the best kids’ eye test and medications.

An optometrist does the basic vision test to confirm that your kids’ eyes are perfectly alright and there is no problem with their vision. He will also give you suggestions on how to take care of your kid’s vision and how to deal with vision-related problems. If you have a child and you are planning to take him to the eye doctor, then here is everything you should know about a kid’s eye test.

Which are some of the Home Eye Tests that can be performed for the Children? 

There are different forms of kid’s eye test that you can also perform at home. If the condition of bad vision persists, then you can go for the following testing methods at home:

  • You can cover the child’s eye with a tissue and check the vision of every single eye separately.
  • You can use a pencil or pen to record the results that you get
  • You can use tape to hang a chart on the wall. The chart might contain the list of alphabets and if your child is low in vision then he or she will not be able to read anything from the chart. Depending on whether the child reads clearly, or he or she has blurred vision, you can go for arranging a kids eye test and book an appointment with an ophthalmologist.
  • You need a flashlight or torch and a well-lit room to conduct the kid’s eye test at home.
  • Testing a child who is three years old and testing children within larger age groups are two different things.

What are the types of Kids Eye Tests that should be considered when you take your Child to an Optometrist?

Applying eye drops to a child
Applying eye drops to a child; image courtesy of Ben_Kerckx via Pixabay,

These are the types of kids eye test that you can consider when you take your child to an optometrist or t an ophthalmologist:

  • The test for pupil response is one test that you can go for. The amount of light entering the pupil (does the child squint when light enters into its eye), and for how long can the child go for pupil dilation are some of the example tests that are conducted for the child.
  • Infancy stage, adolescent eye check-up, and the check-up for children aged 15-16 years mainly focus on the eyesight clarity and eye power. Accordingly, children can also be prescribed glasses.

How to Prepare Your Child for the Kid’s Eye Test? 

 When you take your child for a kid’s eye test then you need to keep certain things in mind. These are enumerated as follows:

  • Tell your child how the eyes are important for vision and how regular check-up ensures the clarity of vision to the best possible extent.
  • It is important to make your child understand how tingling sensations, water running from the corner of the eyes, bad vision in school, not able to see the classroom boards can some of the difficult situations for which your child requires a proper eye test.

You can contact the best ophthalmologists and go for an in fact eye examination that can be a routine experiment to know whether your child’s vision is intact.

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