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Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Family

— January 14, 2021

Overall, put a lot of effort into choosing the right attorney for your family’s needs. Having the wrong lawyer can cost you dearly in many ways.

While it is something most people don’t want to think about, at some point, everyone will likely run into legal trouble that requires the assistance of a licensed lawyer. The law regulates many different facets of civil society. Whether there are too many laws or not is irrelevant to the fact they exist and must be adhered to. Attorneys are needed to help guide regular citizens through complex legal processes to obtain for them the best result possible. If you are looking for a lawyer for your family, here are some tips that can help.

Obtain Personal References

One of the most used strategies for finding a good attorney is to obtain personal references. Speak with family, friends, or colleagues who have dealt with similar legal dilemmas. Inquire about whether the lawyers they hired did a satisfactory job in regards to obtaining the outcome they wanted. If they did, you should ask for a reference for that attorney. Using personal references is one of the best ways to find a good attorney since other parties you already trust vetted them for you via their own experiences. While you shouldn’t rely on a personal reference alone, it’s an excellent starting point for finding a good lawyer.

Look for a Specialist

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While certain lawyers have general practices, many others specialize in specific areas of the law. They are likely to be far better versed on the applicable legal precedent for those legal areas and know which legal strategies are likely to succeed in court. For example, you may be dealing with a problem relating to your professional license. Your professional license may have been revoked due to false allegations levied against you. However, you should realize that such licensing is heavily regulated by the law. If you were cheated out of your license, you may have a case to make in court. If you live in the Sacramento area, for example, hiring a lawyer from a professional license defense attorney Sacramento law office is your best bet as opposed to hiring a lawyer with only a general practice.

Consider an Attorney’s Experience

However, just because someone claims to be a specialist does not mean that they actually are. Instead of making assumptions, you should investigate that lawyer’s actual qualifications for claiming expertise in that field of the law. Investigate their prior case history to confirm they have indeed dealt with cases that share similarities with your own. Also, take a look at their overall win-loss record. If an attorney is constantly on the losing side of cases, you probably don’t want to be giving them your business. After all, the only reason to hire a lawyer is to obtain the best legal result possible. Don’t be afraid to discuss a lawyer’s previous experience with them and perform your own independent research as well.

Find a Lawyer You Can Afford

Whether or not a lawyer is within your budget is also a huge factor to consider. You may be shocked to hear that 80 percent of defendants in criminal cases can’t afford to hire a lawyer and must rely on court-appointed attorneys. You should certainly discuss the cost of an attorney’s services during a free consultation. Try to get an estimate in writing. Only agree to a contract with maximum costs specified. In certain kinds of lawsuits, a lawyer may work on a contingency basis. This means they will only be paid from money won either via a judgment from the court or a negotiated settlement. This also forces the attorney in question to perform a better job since they will only be paid if you win your case or obtain a financial settlement.

Overall, put a lot of effort into choosing the right attorney for your family’s needs. Having the wrong lawyer can cost you dearly in many ways. In certain cases, you could lose your financial livelihood or even your freedom. Instead, perform the research necessary to find a seasoned attorney with a strong win-loss record regarding the kind of legal case you are dealing with. It requires a bit of extra work to find the best attorney possible. However, you will likely benefit by obtaining a far better result than the services of a less experienced or effective attorney could provide you with.

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