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What Can Employers in Lake Charles Do to Avoid Liability for Sexual Harassment?

— December 2, 2021

The workplace should develop a formal, written sexual harassment policy that is available to all workers and displayed in the workplace.

Lake Charles, LA – The best way for any employer to minimize the possibility of sexual harassment and avoid lawsuits is to take a proactive stance. This will normally involve things like training and support for employees, as well as prompt investigations and corrective measures as soon as harassment is reported. A company’s sexual harassment policies and procedures can be reviewed with an attorney for additional help. 

Monitoring the workplace

The most obvious way that employers can try to avoid harassment claims is to watch what their workers are doing and eliminate problems immediately. Employees should also be familiar with how to notice harassment when it happens and report such conduct to the proper person within their organization. Those in management and supervisory roles should also be involved in their workers’ daily routines and try to limit conflicts and other forms of problematic behavior. Being watchful of employees will also help produce evidence through things like testimony or surveillance if necessary at a later time. 

Policies and training

The workplace should develop a formal, written sexual harassment policy that is available to all workers and displayed in the workplace. The most important points of the policy can be reviewed with all new hires and at regular intervals among continuing workers. Employers should also develop some kind of training program that informs their workers of how they are likely to come across harassment in their particular industry. This can vary based on whether workers are in an office setting all day or if they deal with large volumes of customers. 

Protecting workers

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When a claim of sexual harassment is received, the allegations should be taken seriously by the person or department that reviews such matters. They should follow the company’s procedures for investigating the claim, and attempt to eliminate the problematic behavior. In most cases, if an employer receives a complaint, investigates, then solves the problem, there will be no further need for action and formal litigation will not be necessary. The fact that an employer took corrective measures quickly after receiving notice of harassment can be used as a legal defense to any claim by an employee. 

Preparation with a lawyer

There are sexual harassment attorneys who work in Louisiana. These professionals can provide specific information to any company that is concerned about harassment and needs to develop various ways of eliminating illegal conduct in their particular workplace.  

Meeting with a lawyer to discuss an incident of harassment is a website that lists sexual harassment lawyers and attorneys who practice in other areas of the law as well. People who need immediate assistance can browse the directory and find a local attorney in Lake Charles or any other city in the country. 

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