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Who Receives Protection from Sexual Harassment Laws in Detroit?

— December 2, 2021

It is possible that both the victim of workplace harassment and their harasser can be of the same gender.

Detroit, MI – Sexual harassment laws are a type of protection against discrimination that is based on gender or sex. All anti-discrimination laws can potentially apply to any worker in the United States based on the particulars of their situation. The main task of a sexual harassment complaint is to show that the harassment actually occurred by meeting all of the elements of the cause of action, and that the illegal conduct was due to a protected characteristic such as gender. Anyone who needs assistance with this process should contact a lawyer in Michigan to review their claim and take any appropriate actions.  

Same sex harassment

It is possible that both the victim of workplace harassment and their harasser can be of the same gender. Sexual harassment laws do not condition protection on the gender of either party, and all workers receive protection from laws related to discrimination, equality, and fair pay.

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Quid pro quo harassment

The most common type of harassment most people are familiar with is when a boss or supervisor asks one of their subordinates for sexual acts. This is often done as a condition of a job offer, request for continued employment, or condition of receiving benefits. Quid pro quo harassment has typically happened between male bosses and their female subordinates, but the genders of the parties in this kind of situation are not important for the purposes of filing a lawsuit or bringing a formal claim. This is actually one of the most serious types of harassment, because it can often result in a job loss or other serious consequences if the victim does not comply. 

People in a hostile work environment

Hostile work environment claims are another common type of sexual harassment that can happen in many different ways. If any worker is continually harassed verbally or physically by either coworkers or customers, they may have a claim for a hostile work environment. However, this is a type of claim that is highly contingent on the facts of the case in question. It is unlikely that one or two isolated incidents would make a case for a hostile work environment, as the plaintiff must show that a reasonable person would have been affected to the point that they would not be able to complete their job tasks as normal. If problems are ongoing and the employer does little or nothing to remedy the situation, then this is much more likely to be considered a hostile work environment. 

More information about harassment laws in Michigan is a site that lists lawyers who focus on sexual harassment and various other areas of the law. Anyone who needs legal assistance in Detroit or other cities around the country can use the listings to find help. 

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