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What Can I Do If I Am Being Sexually Harassed?

— January 27, 2022

If you’re being harassed, you can be proactive by gathering as much evidence as possible.

If you are being sexually harassed at your workplace in Fremont, the first thing you need to know is that what you are experiencing is illegal. As a worker in the United States, you are protected by numerous federal laws, including the time-honored Civil Rights Act. In addition, many laws in California exist to protect workers who are being abused or harassed. As a result, you are fully within your rights to stand up and take legal action. 

But how exactly do you take legal action? Your best bet is to get in touch with a qualified, experienced attorney in California. Choose a lawyer who has experience with sexual harassment, and you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of a positive outcome. If you are successful with your sexual harassment lawsuit, you can recover a considerable financial settlement for everything you’ve been through. 

Call the Police

If you feel unsafe, you should always call the police. Unwanted physical touching and legitimate sexual assault are illegal, and police officers can help you get to safety. Whenever you feel unsafe, you can always call 9-11. Even if you are reporting your employer, the police will come to your aid. 

Report the Incident

But perhaps the harassment is not putting you in danger – maybe you simply feel like you’re working in an incredibly hostile environment where you are constantly made to feel uncomfortable and humiliated. Perhaps you hear co-workers making comments about your body behind your back. Maybe your co-workers are constantly telling misogynist jokes. Obviously, you can’t call 9-11 for this kind of harassment. So what can you do? Your best bet is to report the incidents to your supervisor or whoever you think will listen.

Troubled woman; image by Anh Nguyen, via
Troubled woman; image by Anh Nguyen, via

Contact the EEOC

You can also get in touch with the EEOC if you have experienced harassment at your workplace. This government organization will immediately launch an official investigation into the matter. Although they are supposed to be impartial, they will hold your employer accountable if they find evidence of wrongdoing. 

Gather Evidence

If you’re being harassed, you can be proactive by gathering as much evidence as possible. Some evidence is easier to compile than others. For example, a screenshot of an inappropriate text message can be excellent evidence – but the harassment might not have happened in the digital world. You can also use your official report as evidence, so make sure you write out the report and make copies. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney 

The last thing you can do if you’re being sexually harassed is to get in touch with an attorney. During your initial consultation, you and your attorney will discuss the details of your case. Your lawyer will then recommend the best course of action. From that point onwards, your attorney will be with you every step of the way, guiding you towards the best possible resolution. Book your consultation today. 

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