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What Costs Can Be Factored into an Accident Settlement in Pittsburgh?

— August 1, 2022

There may be associated physical pain, mental health issues, or various other kinds of trauma from the crash. 

Pittsburgh, PA – Because trials for accident lawsuits are rare, a civil case for compensation is usually resolved through a settlement agreement. When a case ends with a settlement, the plaintiff and defendant agree upon an amount that is based on the availability of a few different types of damages, similar to if the case had gone to trial and reached a jury verdict. This is why it is crucial for a person involved in a crash to have an experienced lawyer or firm on their side, as settlement negotiations can make a large difference in the amount paid to the victim. 

Medical and healthcare costs

The most obvious reason that people contact injury attorneys is because they have some kind of issue that requires medical treatment. Healthcare costs are extremely expensive, and the victim may need several different types of assistance. This includes treatment at the accident scene, transportation to a hospital, surgeries while in the facility, and various types of recovery care. The sum of all of these costs easily reaches thousands or millions of dollars, especially if the victim was seriously harmed. 

Lost income and wages

When a person is recovering from their injury, it is likely that their ability to work will be limited. Some people can even lose out on years of wages if their injury is long term or permanent. Civil negligence lawsuits after an accident allow victims in these situations to ask for the person who caused the collision to pay for all of these amounts. The attorney has the ability to project future costs if the person will be out of work for an extended period of time, and the defendant can be made to pay for these as well. 

Pain and suffering

Pain Management Standardization is Needed, Some Experts Say
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There is an entirely separate category of damages in civil lawsuits that is not associated with any specific, documented costs. These types of non-economic damages are commonly referred to as pain and suffering. The victim’s lawyer has the ability to demonstrate quality of life losses related to the person’s inability to have a normal life because of their injuries. There may be associated physical pain, mental health issues, or various other kinds of trauma from the crash. 

Accident attorneys in Pennsylvania

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