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What Damage and Losses are Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance in Montana?

— April 14, 2022

Damage from rodents, insects, and other pests is generally not covered under a homeowners insurance policy.

Billings, MT – While homeowners insurance is a good way to protect a home and other personal items inside, there are limits to what each policy will cover. Each individual homeowner should review their policy with their provider and attempt to purchase additional coverage if there are concerns about certain items that are not covered. In some cases, there can also be confusion if a claim is denied when the homeowner expected the loss to be covered by their policy. After a claim denial, it can be helpful to get assistance from an insurance lawyer in Montana to review the situation.


Floods always require a separate flood insurance policy. Damage from floods is not covered by a homeowners insurance policy like other forms of severe weather. This means that anyone who is in a flood zone should look into their options for coverage and think about adding a flood policy if necessary. The costs of flood insurance can also increase regularly just like other policies. 

Damage due to age or normal wear

If various parts of a house or attached structures experience damage or are destroyed as they age, this will not be covered by the homeowners insurance policy. Claims should be made after sudden unexpected accidents or emergencies, while normal damage that happens over the life of the home should be expected and repairs or maintenance on certain items will always be necessary.  

Pest control issues

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Damage from rodents, insects, and other pests is generally not covered under a homeowners insurance policy. Homeowners who live in areas where structures may be damaged due to pests should contact a pest control company and have their property maintained accordingly. There are some rare exceptions to this rule if things that are covered like fires or severe weather were responsible for causing an infestation by pests. 

Intentional damage

Due to issues with insurance fraud and related problems, homeowners cannot damage their own home and submit a claim. Allowing those kinds of claims to be submitted and processed would create an obvious incentive for various illegitimate acts. 

Long term water damage

Water from the plumbing of the home and the outside weather can gradually get into various parts of the home and cause damage. This is especially true on older homes that have different types of insulation and may already have certain kinds of damage due to age. However, insurance companies maintain that any kind of losses that happens gradually is not their responsibility. 

Help with homeowners insurance claim issues in Montana

There are insurance claim denial lawyers who can assist local clients in Billings and other parts of Montana. lists legal professionals of various practice areas in every state. 

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