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What Happens After an Insurance Claim for Hurricane Damage is Filed in Florida?

— February 24, 2022

Some insurance companies have been known to engage in an illegal practice called bad faith claim denials.

Homeowners have protection from hurricanes and other forms of severe weather through their insurance policies. In order for the property owner to receive compensation, they must file a claim and follow other instructions from their provider. There is also the possibility that the provider will deny a claim or make other mistakes during this process even if the claimant has done everything correctly. In these situations, assistance from an insurance attorney may be required.  

The initial process

After a claim is filed, there should be some kind of contact from an adjuster within just a few days. Adjusters are retained by insurance companies to view and verify any damage that happens due to a storm. This is also a safeguard to prevent individuals from filing excessive or exaggerated claims, which can be considered insurance fraud. The claimant can submit additional information such as property repair estimates and listings of all items and property that were damaged. 

Appealing an adjuster’s appraisal

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It is possible that an adjuster may underestimate the damage and value of a claim. Most insurance companies will offer some kind of appeal process that may involve a second evaluation by a different adjuster. One serious problem with these kinds of appeals is the fact that the insurance company will ultimately control the outcome of the appeal, and 

Paying out a settlement

When this process nears its end, the claimant will receive a settlement check to pay for their losses. This usually happens after the claimant and their provider agree on the amounts in question and the damages. Some insurance companies also require an inspection at a later time to verify that the funds were actually used for the repairs noted in the claim. 

Insurance claim denials

Despite the homeowner’s best efforts, it is possible that even a legitimate insurance claim will be denied. This may be due to an honest mistake, but some insurance companies have been known to engage in an illegal practice called bad faith claim denials. This means that the company is simply trying to save money by being dishonest about claims. In this situation, it is best for the claimant to retain their own lawyer to review the process and any related documentation. It may be necessary to file a lawsuit against the provider for the claimant to be paid properly. 

Insurance claims lawyers in Florida

The Law Offices of Michael M. Raheb is a firm that helps local clients with their insurance issues. Anyone who needs more information about the insurance claim process can contact the firm to learn more.

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