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What Happens After Failing a DUI Chemical Test in Vegas?

— May 1, 2023

A DUI will result in a person having to go through criminal proceedings as well as other proceedings.

Officers who pull a driver over because they suspect them of a DUI will also require this driver to take a breath test to prove that they are not intoxicated, and to verify the current amount of alcohol in their blood at the time of the arrest. If drivers refuse to take their BAC test, then they will have their licenses suspended for a year. Naturally, this is very debilitating to the drivers lifestyle and that is why it is often better for individuals to respond politely to the officers and give them the information they request.

If the driver does not pass the breath or blood chemical test, their result does increase their chances of facing a DUI penalty. However, it is not set in stone that a person will be charged for a DUI because their BAC test came out showing a concentration of above 0.08%. Anyone who fails their chemical test can still try and prove that the validity of the test was not accurate, due to external factors. For instance, if there is evidence that the device malfunctioned, or that the officer did not use it properly then it is possible that individuals may have the test results waived and their charges dropped.

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The best way to improve one’s chance of winning their DUI case is by getting in touch with lawyers who have experience dealing with driving under the influence cases. Las Vegas DUI lawyers will launch their detailed investigation and gather the facts of the case to be presented in court. When drivers opt to get the assistance of Nevada DUI lawyers as opposed to trying to do everything on their own, they can rest assured they are getting supported fully throughout the process. The advice of qualified DUI lawyers may be exactly what a person needs to gain a better footing on everything that is going on around them. Drivers who want to build a robust defense against the results of the BAC test should call DUI accident lawyers and then act on the advice they provide.

What Happens at a DMV Hearing in Las Vegas, Nevada?

A DUI will result in a person having to go through criminal proceedings as well as other proceedings. The proceedings with the DMV do not discuss the criminal aspects of one’s case, but it does take up the matter of the license suspension and one’s driving privileges. It may or may not be possible to keep one’s license, and the final decision all depends on the personal events and varies for every DUI case.

To ensure this hearing goes smoothly and to minimize the risk of the driver losing their license, motorists in this situation should make sure they have a lawyer by their side.

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