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What is Attempted DUI in Portland, Oregon ?

— May 1, 2023

In Oregon, there is no option to submit a plea bargain for a DUI.

Motorists can commit an attempted DUI by purposely carrying out actions that can be regarded as a substantial step being taken towards driving while their blood alcohol content (BAC) is above 0.08%. The charges of an attempted DUI are still pretty serious and will give the defendant a permanent criminal record if they are executed.

Lawyers who are experienced in DUI cases can help individuals understand if they are being charged with a DUI or an attempted DUI. When drivers are arrested, they should not hesitate before calling Portland DUI lawyers to come to their aid. There is nothing easy about dealing with the complicated legal dealings of a DUI arrest on their own, and drivers who try to proceed with legalities on their own have to realize that they are doing so without a proper understanding of the law and they can seriously jeopardize their case due to a lack of knowledge. Oregon DUI lawyers can mitigate any damages that a person may cause due to missed deadlines or because they are unfamiliar with the law.

DUI lawyers can also help drivers properly understand any defenses they may have available and whether or not their actions are legally considered a DUI. It is important to note that drivers do not only have to be operating a car while intoxicated to get hit by this charge. They may be operating any vehicle such as a motorcycle or even a truck. The condition for the charge is that their faculties were impaired by an intoxicant or they had a BAC of 0.08% or higher.

Additional Penalties for DUI in Portland, Oregon

Handcuffs and key sitting on fingerprint card; image by Bill Oxford, via
Image by Bill Oxford, via

Motorists who were driving under the influence will face many penalties including heavy fines, jail time, and the suspension of their license. Aside from these serious consequences, they will also face other penalties they must complete in compliance with the law. For instance, they will have to go through a substance abuse treatment program and undertake a screening assessment at their own expense. They also have to attend a Victim Impact Panel (VIP) to understand the gravity of drunk driving.  

In Oregon, there is no option to submit a plea bargain for a DUI. This means that an individual will either plead guilty or go to trial for their penalties to be debated. Anyone who is charged with DUI should not make large legal decisions on their own. Instead of trying to shoulder the responsibility of their case alongside all the pressure and life changes they are undertaking, individuals should get in touch with DUI accident lawyers right away so they are not taken advantage of and so they only make the decisions that are best for them regarding their DUI case.

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