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What Happens If Drivers Refuse a BAC Test in Miami?

— May 15, 2023

Even if a person is cleared of charges, this license suspension for refusal to take the BAC test when prompted will still remain.

Drivers who refuse a DUI breath or blood (BAC) test when pulled over by officers will be swiftly penalized for their decision. In Florida, all drivers are expected to consent to a chemical test through their breath, blood, saliva, or urine. The purpose of this test is to clarify the amount of alcohol or drug content they had in their blood as they were driving. If drivers refuse to take the test, their voice will be heard but their license will be revoked for one year right away. This is a serious consequence and many drivers believe that it will be fine since they are actually innocent and they know they will not receive the DUI charge.

Even if a person is cleared of charges, this license suspension for refusal to take the BAC test when prompted will still remain.

If a person is found guilty, then other charges will be given as well. However, getting in touch with qualified lawyers gives the motorist a fighting chance to have their penalties reduced. Miami DUI lawyers who have dealt with similar cases in the past can pave the way for the defendant and make it easy for them to get through their hearings with a positive outcome.

Florida DUI lawyers know what they are doing, and their advice is invaluable during such sensitive legal proceedings. DUI lawyers should be connected with as soon as possible so drivers can improve their chances of getting their license back and getting their other penalties reduced as well. 

What is the Legal Process After a DUI Arrest in Miami, Florida?

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Once a person is pulled over and arrested, they will have to attend a hearing to see what their next steps will be. They may be put in jail, and they may be allowed to go depending on how severe their DUI charges are. It is always better for a person to get the help of DUI accident lawyers who are familiar with the law and who can guide a person along the way.

When a person is arrested for DUI they have to make sure they follow all the right steps and they stay within the deadlines and restrictions given to them by the court. Any missteps after the arrest will make it even harder for them to remain on the right side of the law and they may have to suffer increased charges.

Anyone who is going through a DUI court case should make sure they connect with attorneys right away so their rights are prioritized during their case and they are not overlooked.

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