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What Happens if You Sexually Harass Someone at Work?

— February 24, 2022

You may also face additional criminal charges in certain situations.

Emotions can become difficult to reign in during the typical workday. In high-stress scenarios, people can act out in a number of ways. Unfortunately, one of the most common “outlets” for stress is sexual harassment. If you have sexually harassed someone at work, you could face serious consequences. If you are merely considering whether you should start making sexual advances towards co-workers, you should consider the potential legal consequences first. 

If you are already facing allegations of sexual harassment, you need to get in touch with one of many sexual harassment lawyers in your area as soon as possible. The truth is that Baltimore sexual harassment lawyers can protect you from a wide range of potential ramifications. These include financial issues, legal issues, and of course, issues with your career. Book a consultation with one of these lawyers as soon as possible, and you can start discussing your defense strategies. 

You May Lose Your Job

If the victim reports you to HR, you will likely be suspended from work while an official investigation is conducted. The EEOC (1) might also get involved. This is a government organization that looks into these matters in an impartial, unbiased way. They may question you during this investigation, and they will likely collect evidence to determine whether the alleged incident(s) actually occurred. 

During this period, you may still receive pay during your suspension period. If the investigation is inconclusive, you may then be reinstated without much of an issue. However, if the investigation reveals that you are in fact guilty of sexual harassment, you will likely lose your job.

You May Be Sued

In certain situations, you may be sued directly by the employee who experienced the harassment. This can be troubling for a number of reasons. First of all, being named as a defendant in a sexual harassment lawsuit can damage your reputation, making it difficult for you to find future employment. Secondly, it may lead to financial consequences. That being said, you will be unlikely to pay any kind of settlement to the victim, as usually the company itself pays the settlement – not the individual who was accused of the harassment. 

You May Face Criminal Charges

Handcuffs with key sitting on fingerprint card; image by Bill Oxford, via
Handcuffs with key sitting on fingerprint card; image by Bill Oxford, via

A workplace sexual harassment lawsuit is a civil offense, which means that there are no criminal charges involved. However, you may also face additional criminal charges in certain situations. For example, if you sexually assault someone or commit some kind of cyber crime (2) against them, you will face additional criminal charges when appropriate. 

Where Can I Find a Maryland Sexual Harassment Lawyer Near Me?

If you’ve been searching for Maryland sexual harassment lawyers, there are many professionals available to help you. With their assistance, you can explore your legal options after being accused of sexual harassment. If you did indeed harass someone, you can expect somewhat serious consequences – but only if the victim can prove the harassment actually occured. This is why you need a qualified defense attorney. Book your consultation today. 



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