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What is the Most Commonly Reported Type of Workplace Harassment?

— February 24, 2022

If you have experienced sexual harassment, you can immediately report the incident to your employer or HR staff.

Harassment can occur in many different ways at the typical workplace. Name-calling and put-downs are common, and inappropriate jokes can affect an employee’s ability to complete their tasks. But what is the most commonly reported type of workplace harassment? Unfortunately, many workers in the United States are all too familiar with this particular type of workplace harassment, and it often goes unchecked. 

If you have experienced any form of workplace harassment, you should get in touch with one of the many lawyers in your local area. For example, Oklahoma sexual harassment lawyers can assess your unique situation and determine whether you can file a sexual harassment lawsuit. This is a common form of legal action for victims, and it can lead to considerable amounts of compensation. 

The Number-One Form of Reported Workplace Harassment is Sexual Harassment

According to a survey conducted by HR Acuity1, the most commonly-reported form of harassment in the workplace is sexual in nature. This should probably come as no surprise – especially when you consider the recent rise in the #MeToo movement and other campaigns. It seems like whenever you read the latest headlines, another major CEO or executive has been accused of sexual harassment. The data seems to support the notion that these instances are increasing in the United States. 

What are the Other Common Types of Workplace Harassment?

Although not quite as common, other types of workplace harassment are also very serious. These include things like:

  • Disability harassment
  • Racial harassment
  • Sexual orientation harassment
  • Gender identity harassment
  • Ageism

While sexual harassment is certainly important, we shouldn’t ignore these other forms of harassment, either. 

What Can I Do About It?

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If you have experienced sexual harassment, you can immediately report the incident to your employer or HR staff. If this doesn’t cause a significant reaction, you can get in touch with the EEOC2. This government organization helps employees hold their employers accountable for legitimate forms of harassment, and they will conduct a thorough investigation into the alleged incident. In certain cases, you may also be able to sue your employer directly. This can allow you to receive a significant financial settlement as a result. Of course, you will need a lawyer to file a sexual harassment lawsuit. 

Where Can I Find an Oklahoma City Sexual Harassment Lawyer Near Me?

If you’ve been searching for Oklahoma City sexual harassment lawyers, there are many legal professionals who can assist you. Sadly, sexual harassment is one of the most common types of workplace harassment in the United States. However, victims shouldn’t feel the need to remain silent – even if this situation is extremely common. Instead, victims can stand up and be heard with the help of sexual harassment lawyers, pursuing justice and a fair settlement. Book your consultation today. 


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