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What is an Alcohol or Drug Use Reduction Course?

— May 8, 2023

Aside from having to take such courses there are many other penalties that the drivers will have to face when they are arrested for a DUI.

Drivers who are convicted of driving under the influence, or who possess illegal drugs will be mandated by the court to follow a DUI, alcohol, or drug use reduction course. This course may also be mandated for those who are underage but had possession of alcohol while operating a vehicle, or for those who are arrested for boating under the influence. 

This program has two major components to it. There is an assessment component as well as an intervention component. Both of these components need to be successfully completed for the driver to pass and obtain a certificate of completion. The assessment component will be completed first and it is a 130-question screening tool used to evaluate the alcohol and drug use on the driver and the impact on their driving. The intervention component comes next and is a 20-hour course covering alcohol and drug use, and their effects on driving.

The time it takes to complete the course depends on many different factors, but all drivers must make sure they complete the full 20 hours. Aside from having to take such courses there are many other penalties that the drivers will have to face when they are arrested for a DUI.

Call a DUI Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia Today 

It is never easy to have to face the consequences of one’s actions, especially when it comes to being caught for DUI. Lawyers will side with the defendant and make it a lot more practical for them to have their penalties reduced. Atlanta DUI lawyers are the right professionals to connect with in such cases because of the level of experience and education they have regarding DUI cases.

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Georgia DUI lawyers will not only support a person through the court process, but they will start from the beginning and investigate the arrest and the details of the case so they can build a proper defense. Once they have formulated the best defense, they will assist drivers in understanding what they can expect next and what they need to do to remain on the right side of the law. DUI lawyers should be contacted as early as possible and preferably right after a person has been arrested. The sooner a person speaks with DUI accident lawyers, the greater their chance becomes of reducing their penalties. If there is enough evidence and the details of the case are not that serious, individuals may even have their penalties and charges dropped completely with the help of legal counsel. 

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