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What is Considered Supervisor Harassment?

— June 30, 2022

Your supervisor may also be guilty of sexual harassment if they create or contribute to a “hostile work environment”.

Harassment is often committed by supervisors. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, as supervisors exert a considerable degree of power and influence over their underlings. It’s important to remember that even though your supervisor might have authority over you, they do not have the right to discriminate against you, treat you unfairly, or harass you. If they commit any type of misconduct, you are fully within your rights to hold them (and your employer) accountable. 

But how can you do this? Simple, get in touch with one of many sexual harassment lawyers near you. With help from one of these lawyers, you can explore your legal options and sue your employer for allowing this harassment to continue unchecked. At the conclusion of a successful lawsuit, you can receive a considerable financial settlement for everything you’ve been forced to endure. 

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment 

One of the most notable forms of sexual harassment that a supervisor might commit is “quid pro quo” harassment1. This is a Latin phrase that roughly translates to “a favor for a favor.” In other words, your supervisor uses their position of power and influence to receive sexual favors in exchange for work benefits. 

For example, your supervisor might hint that you’ll receive better working hours if you go on a date with them. Others might be much more direct, telling you that you will be fired unless you sleep with them. The most important thing to remember about this type of harassment is that it’s illegal – even if you consented to it. 

For example, you might have consented to go on a date with a supervisor, but the supervisor is still committing an illegal act if they do this with the explicit or implicit implication that you’ll receive some kind of benefit in exchange. While the supervisor and your employer will face legal consequences for this, you will not be held liable – even if you consented. 

Hostile Work Environment

Angry manager; image by Akshay Gupta, via
Angry manager; image by Akshay Gupta, via

Your supervisor may also be guilty of sexual harassment if they create or contribute to a “hostile work environment”2. This type of scenario can involve a number of different factors, including:

  • Inappropriate jokes
  • Inappropriate texts
  • Inappropriate images in the workplace
  • Inappropriate objects in the workplace
  • Unwanted touching
  • Unwanted remarks about your body
  • Requests that you wear certain types of clothing at work

There are many other things that can create a hostile work environment. The most important thing to remember is that a “reasonable person” must find this workplace unbearable for it to be illegal. 

Where Can I Find a Tennessee Sexual Harassment Lawyer Near Me?

If you’ve been searching for Nashsville-Davidson sexual harassment lawyers near you, there are many options available. Get help from one these lawyers, and you can strive for the best possible outcome while holding your supervisor accountable for their misconduct. Tennessee sexual harassment lawyers are specially trained to help employees fight for their rights, and they can help you recover a considerable financial settlement for your damages. Book your consultation today. 


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