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What is the Definition of a Catastrophic Injury?

— February 2, 2022

Catastrophic injuries are damaging to the injured person’s bodily, mental, and financial well-being.

Spinal cord injuries, numerous amputations, acute blindness, traumatic brain injuries, persistent disabilities, and severe burns are all examples of catastrophic injuries. And these are the kinds of injuries that frequently occur as a result of car accidents.

Catastrophic injuries are the most serious injuries a person may sustain. They have terrible consequences for both the injured and their families and loved ones. A catastrophic injury usually results in long-term disability, as well as extensive medical treatment and personal care.

It can be incredibly tough to negotiate a catastrophic injury claim. The injuries have a long-term impact on the lives and well-being of the victims. It’s vital that the damages sought be enough to recompense the injured party for the rest of their lives.

Catastrophic injuries can take many forms

Injury to the brain and head

Damage to the brain can have devastating repercussions. While the specifics vary depending on the circumstances and the extent of the damage, the following are some of the possible outcomes of a brain injury:

  • Affectation of the senses. (With regard to the senses of sight, smell, taste, and touch)
  • Health issues and disorders (such as tremors, weakness)
  • Epilepsy
  • mental health issues (Examples include poor learning, poor thinking, memory loss, and inattention.)
  • Changes in personality and behaviour (fatigue, irritability, depression, post-traumatic behaviour changes)
  • Communication difficulties (speaking differently than before, slurred, or slow speech, trouble finding words or following speech)

Injuries to the spine

Image of a car accident
Car Accident; image courtesy of valtercirillo via Pixabay,

A spinal cord injury is defined as damage to the spinal cord that results in temporary or permanent changes in function (SCI). Possible symptoms include loss of muscle function, sensation, or autonomic function in areas of the body serviced by the spinal cord below the level of injury.

Nerve damage and irreversible paralysis can result from spinal cord injuries.


Amputation of a limb has a long-term and significant impact on a person’s life. It is one of the hardest, physically and mentally traumatic experiences a victim can have.

Severe burns and scars on the body

Body burns and scars are horrific incidents that can drastically alter a person’s life. Some injuries, as well as the anguish he has experienced, can convert into scars that will remain on his body for the rest of his life.

Financial issues, as well as psychological and physical hurdles, come with recovering from a burn injury. When the costs of emotional and physical trauma, as well as the costs of recovery (such as treatment, rehabilitation, travel fees for treatment, and prescription expenditures), are totaled, they are substantial. In light of this, it would be prudent to obtain legal advice.

What kind of compensation may you get?

Catastrophic injuries are damaging to the injured person’s bodily, mental, and financial well-being. Catastrophic injuries will change the lives of not only the injured but also their family and friends forever. Constant attention and therapy are required. The following are payments that can be made in the event of a catastrophic injury:

  • compensation for pain and suffering (including feelings of lack of enjoyment in life, decreased life expectancy)
  • the cost of past and future medical treatment (Doctors, physiotherapy costs, surgery, medication, etc.)
  • earnings loss in the past and future, as well as retirement
  • the cost of some tools or the direct provision of tools (for example, wheelchairs, modifications made for ease of use in cars)

These are not the only compensations that might be claimed. All compensation claims are case-by-case. As a result, each injury should be assessed on its own. Obtaining legal support allows for constant control and maximum gain of these operations, which might be complex.

These compensations cannot be calculated just by evaluating the scenario. Furthermore, it is vital to decide after carefully evaluating the potential flaws that may arise in the future. 

We encourage you to contact Withstand Lawyers to find out everything you need to make your claim.

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